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Great Restaurants for Melbourne Sushi Lovers

The sushi's superlative, the sashimi's sublime!

As summer comes around we're getting into prime sushi season and Melbourne's very lucky to have such a wide selection of places to choose from. The great thing about the Japanese delicacy is that it's perfect for a quick lunch on the go as well as for part of a full sit-down meal and, whatever your taste, there are always plenty of options to enjoy.

Plus, it's a tasty treat that's amazing value too, especially when you compare it to some of the city's most expensive places to eat. After all, you're enjoying top quality, super fresh ingredients that have usually been put together by experts. So, without further ado, here's our sushi and sashimi top six.

1. Soko Sushi - Rainbow Sushi Donut

There's a whole lot that goes into the Rainbow Sushi Donut from Soko Sushi and the result is just as bursting with colour and flavour as the name suggests. There's black rice, tuna, salmon and kingfish sashimi as well as smoked cream cheese, dill and avocado which create an explosion of flavour and texture.

2. Salon de Sushi  - Beef Tataki

Here's a fantastic combination if you want to enjoy an altogether meatier kind of sushi. Although it features as part of the Salon de Sushi's tapas menu it's undeniably sushi with thin strips of tender, rare beef which have been carefully marinated before being served on top of sushi rice with a special dressing too.

3. Okami - Sashimi Selection

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The very best sashimi needs very little accompaniment as the flavours of the ocean-fresh fish speak for themselves  - and that's just what you can expect from the selection you'll enjoy at Okami.  You can choose from 12 or 24 pieces of either tuna, salmon - or even both – and we challenge to find better in Melbourne.

4. Shinwa Izakaya - Spider Roll

Here's one for lovers of that very special delicacy, soft shell crab, courtesy of Shinwa Izakaya. As well as the crab, the Spider Roll also features cucumber, avocado, scallions, teriyaki and spicy mayo all topped with fish roe to create a real taste sensation that's as satisfying as it's unusual.

5. Hayashi 291 - Rainbow Roll

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They say that the California roll was invented by a sushi chef in San Francisco in the 1970s who had discovered that he'd run out of tuna and had to improvise with crab instead. But this version from Hayashi doesn't need to make any substitution because it comes with a flavoursome selection of fish sashimi on top of the roll.

6. Bruce Lee - Crazy Chicken A

The legendary Kung Fu star is celebrated at the restaurant that shares his name. They specialize in catering for bigger groups of diners so Crazy Chicken A is a long sushi roll to share and includes teriyaki chicken, crab sticks, avocado and cucumber as well as breadcrumbs to give it that little extra crunch.

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