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Six Delicious Sweet And Savoury Coconut Dishes In Melbourne

Sample The Best Of Melbourne’s Sweet And Savoury Coconut Dishes

Invocative of sunny days and sandy toes, the humble coconut has taken the world by storm. It is incredibly versatile and can be included in all manner of sweet and savoury dishes and drinks. Take a look at the kind of dishes that you can find in Melbourne that feature coconut.

1. House Curry Laksa

Malaysian cuisine often includes coconut in both savoury and sweet dishes. In a laksa, the soup base is often made with coconut milk and spices, and is accompanied with a variety of meat, vegetables, rice noodles or vermicelli. The House Curry Laksa from the Laksa Bar is a creamy and mild curry made with coconut milk that comes with vermicelli and yellow noodles. You can choose whether to have it with tofu, vegetables, fish or chicken. Pay a little extra to have the extravagance of soft-shell crab in this popular laksa curry. And if you're watching your weight, you may decide to choose the Skinny Kampung Curry Laksa instead, as it comes with fewer calories.

2. Nasi Mesantan

So many Thai dishes include coconut in one form or another. At Tom Phat, one of the Chef's picks is a dish called Nasi Mesantan. This is a vegan dish that's made with baked, spicy coconut red rice and tofu. It comes with tempeh fritters and a chilli sambal made with eggplant. A beautiful plant based dinner if we may say so.

3. Grilled Banana Sticky Rice

If you prefer to eat sweet coconut dishes, then one you have to try is the Grilled Banana Sticky Rice from Lemongrass Melbourne. This dessert features sticky rice and grilled banana that is served wrapped in a banana leaf. Alongside you have delicious coconut ice-cream with a black bean topping. This taste sensation is a great way to round off a Thai meal.

4. Lime and Coconut Cheesecake

Coconut always goes well with citrus and that's the secret behind the exquisite taste of the Lime and Coconut Cheesecake from Desserts Delivered in Brunswick. This tropical cheesecake has a cold, set coconut layer topped off with a zesty lime gel and a coconut biscuit base. As a bonus, it's gluten-free, so will suit all diners.

5. Raw Truffle Ball

Anyone who loves the sticky, chewy nature of raw desserts and protein balls will know that coconut is often a key ingredient. At Thr1ve Emporium, the Raw Truffle Ball is a protein-packed globe of goodness. Made with coconut, cacao, dates, almonds and protein powder, this little ball of energy will see you through to your next mealtime, and give you an energy boost to boot!

6. Cherry Ripe Smoothie

If you're looking for that flavour of coconut in a drink rather than a meal, why not try the Cherry Ripe smoothie from Fourth Chapter in Prahran. This smoothie is a blend of cherries, maca, chia, vanilla protein, cacao and coconut milk. It's a great choice for a delicious drink at any time of the day, but also a good option if you like your breakfast in liquid form!

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