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  2. The four best teppanyaki-style dishes on the Gold Coast
Here’s Where You Can Try the Best Teppanyaki Dishes in Town

The four best teppanyaki-style dishes on the Gold Coast

It's fair to say that teppanyaki tastes truly great. Specially cooked on a hot plate, this contemporary Japanese cuisine was first brought into being in 1945, as a foil for foreigners who looked with suspicion on more traditional dishes like Sushi.   

Considering its mouth-watering magnificence, it's little wonder that it took off. A feat of true culinary artistry, a perfectly-cooked teppanyaki dish is guaranteed to delight. If you want to try the best of the best, here's where you can find some of the most exquisitely yummy examples on the Gold Coast.

1. The yummiest Yaki Udon from Kamikaze Teppanyaki

Serving up what is arguably some of the Gold Coast's finest teppanyaki, the inimitable Kamikaze Teppanyaki is where you should place an order when you're in the mood for fine dining and the freshest ingredients. Our all-time favourite pick from the menu is their fantastically tasty Yaki Udon: prawn and chicken served with teppan vegetables, miso soup, dipping sauces and steamed rice. It's a true treat for the taste buds and, with its generous portion sizes, it's guaranteed to leave you full to bursting.

2. The best Chicken Fried Rice from Arigatou Japanese Teppanyaki 

If you're in the Broadbeach area, then it's Arigatou Japanese Teppanyaki that's bound to be your go-to option. Serving up dishes that are deliciously fresh and absolutely authentic, they have an extensive menu of choice, including their amazing Chicken Fried Rice. Blending teppanyaki style cooking with diced chicken, eggs and chopped vegetables, it tastes great and can also be ordered gluten-free to accommodate those with special dietary requirements.   

3. The tastiest Teppanyaki Noodles from Soba Soba

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When deciding where to place your dinner order, Soba Soba should also be on your shortlist. Located in Southport, this Asian eatery specialises in serving up the healthiest and most appetising Japanese dishes, and is all too happy to knock them up ready for delivery straight to your door. Recommended over and over by all who eat there, their Teppanyaki Noodles are especially popular. Stir-fried to add an extra special flavour, they combine beef, chicken, cheese and egg to create one massively tasty meal choice.

4. The most delicious Yakisoba from Japanese Mama's Kitchen

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As if these three fantastic teppanyaki recommendations were not enough, we also have a fourth and final eatery that we suggest you shortlist: Japanese Mama's Kitchen. Cooking up the best Yakisoba this side of Australia, their special noodle stir-fry is served with a sweet, thick sauce that makes for the most divinely delicious dish. For a really authentic eating experience, don't forget to order their superb Crab Claws starter to begin with, and maybe some Dim Sim too.

Tasty, flavoursome and often surprisingly healthy, teppanyaki makes for the perfect takeaway. Order your favourite flavours from Deliveroo today and see for yourself.

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