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  2. If these fish dishes were racehorses they’d be winning the Melbourne Cup!
Some of the finest Thai fish dishes in Melbourne

If these fish dishes were racehorses they’d be winning the Melbourne Cup!

There are some fabulous Thai restaurants in Melbourne that bring us a wide choice of delicious dishes including all those tried and trusted favourites like the red, green and yellow curries, pad thai, tom yum and far too many more to mention.

Maybe they're a little less well known for their fish dishes but the fruits of the sea in all their forms do account for a significant part of the country's cuisine too and we've decided to put some of the most remarkable examples that you can order from Melbourne restaurants under the spotlight.

We've chosen them because they're real thoroughbreds that are all made with loving care to deliver true taste sensations  - and we bet that you're going to love them.

1. Barramundi in Tamarind Sauce, Royal Orchid Thai

This is one of the chef's specials over at Royal Orchid Thai. A thick and juicy barramundi fillet is grilled until the skin is crispy before being served on a bed of spinach and dressed with tamarind sauce. The result is a sour-sweet delight of a dish that's also huge favourite with customers.

2. Herbal Fish, Siriphen Thai Restaurant

The herbs in question in this dish from the very well-known Siriphen Thai Restaurant include Thai basil and lemongrass as well as spices including ginger and galangal. To add some real heat to the dish it's also dressed in red curry paste. Together, all these elements work to create an aromatic treat for the senses which tastes absolutely sublime.

3. Seafood Hotplate, Ta Wee Wan

If you like your food to make a dramatic entrance then this dish will be sure to satisfy. It's one of the signature dishes on the Ta Wee Wan's menu and an ever-popular star of the show. The mixed seafood including fish fillets, prawns and scallops  are cooked in a wok along with finely sliced seasonal vegetables and a medium spicy sauce before being delivered on a sizzling hot-plate that's sure to turn heads as it arrives.

4. Pla Krob in the Garden, Tamra Siam

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From its name you might think that this dish from Tamra Siam was more of a picnic item than something to find on a Thai restaurant menu, but you'd be very much mistaken. The garden refers to the wide range of different fruit and vegetables that are served with a crispy fish fillet on top and which include apples, carrots, cherry tomatoes, chilli, mint and a green salad, all dressed in a Thai-style spicy sauce.

5. Pla Sarm Rod, Ghin Khao

To give it its full title this is a "deep fried fish with three-flavour sauce". But, to save space on the menu, Ghin Khao have cut it down to three short syllables. The three flavours that the sauce includes are sweetness from palm sugar, sourness from lime juice and heat from mild chilli.

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