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The Best Vegetarian Dishes on the Gold Coast

The best meals on the Gold Coast for visiting vegetarians

It might have a reputation for a red-meat-barbecue-loving lifestyle, but if you're a veggie visiting the Gold Coast there's no reason to despair. There really are plenty of vegetarian options open to you in Queensland from loads of awesome restaurants dedicated to bringing you the very best in meat-free and vegan food.

Plus, contrary to what you might fear, it doesn't all have to be salads. In fact, for some of our selections below we've found some veggie alternatives to dishes that normally do have meat in them. So take a look at our five suggestions and see what tickles your fancy as you search for great veggie food on your travels!

1. Burrito Bowl - Guzman Y Gomez

Guzman Y Gomez has a fantastic reputation for authentic Mexican foods and their Super Burrito Bowl is no exception. There's everything you'd expect to find in a burrito but, you've guessed it, it comes in a handy bowl instead. It's a super-filling mix of rice, Jack cheese, spicy salsa, vegetarian black beans, guacamole and more, all served alongside some of their trademark GYG tortilla chips. In a word, amazing.

2. Gourmet Veg Pizza - Feed The Earthlings

You can tell what the guys and girls at Feed The Earthlings are on this planet to do, and they manage it with style with the Gourmet Veg Pizza. Among the delights that await you are cajun potatoes, Spanish onion, mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and a sweet chilli dressing swirl – so it really couldn't get much more gourmet if it tried.

3. Nasi Goreng - Chi Ran Vegetarian


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That classic Indonesian favourite, Nasi Goreng, has been given a veggie makeover by Chi Ran Vegetarian. They take the traditional fried rice and add mushroom nuggets to act as vegan beef and pile in a whole lot more finely-shredded vegetables too. Then they add that typical NG accompaniment, sambal sauce, as well as a generous shake of soy too to create a fresh flavoured and mildly spicy delight.

4. Sesame Crumbed Tofu - Mandala & Co

Even the biggest fan of tofu bean curd has to admit that it can be a little bland sometimes, as well as being a tried and trusted veggie alternative that crops up all too often on menus. But the way that Mandala & Co use it could well reignite your love for the humble bean curd. They marinate it well before crusting it with crunchy, roasted sesame seed and serve it with a peppery rocket salad alongside pickled ginger and quinoa. Bland is the very last thing you'll find it.

5. Eggs Benny - Real Food Kitchen

When you're on the tourist trail you need a great start to the day and you'll find the perfect one at the Real Food Kitchen, where the entire menu is also gluten-free. It's two perfectly poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce and served on spinach and an English linseed muffin alongside your choice of mushrooms or tomatoes - and it sure is tasty!

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