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Sydney’s Best Japanese Veggie Noodle Dishes

Why Sydney’s a paradise for the veggie noodle nut

Yes, Japanese cooking may be famous for its fish sushi, sashimi and Wagyu beef but it's also one of the very best cuisines for vegetarians too. Lots of the dishes you'll find on the menus in Sydney and beyond have a huge number of options for those of us who choose not to eat meat – probably far more even than Chinese and Thai, and definitely more than Indian cuisine.

Of all the Japanese dishes that veggies can enjoy, noodles offer a number of variations and these can range from the hearty when you want a real blowout to the light when all you need is a snack. So, to save you scouring through the menus of the many restaurants that cater for veggies in Sydney, we've picked out five great dishes that are sure to satisfy.

1. Plain Udon - Sushi Aoki

Let's kick things off with the simplest dish on our top five, courtesy of Sushi Aoki. Their plain udon is, nevertheless, one of their most popular dishes showing that you don't have to do much when the ingredients are this fresh and cooked to perfection. Yes, you can pimp them them up with extra soy and chilli sauce if you want to but, believe us, you really don't need to.

2. Chilli Yaki Soba - Sushi Centre

Over at the Sushi Centre, they're waiting to treat you to a classic noodle dish with more than a little kick to it. They fry the fine and delicate egg noodles and then add a rich teriyaki sauce as well as some spicy chillies. Then it's your turn to add the protein of your choice – tofu for most veggies but maybe prawns if you happen to be a pescatarian.

3. Seaweed Salad Udon - Don Don

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When they're prepared the right way, cold noodles can be just as delicious as the kinds served fresh from the wok, as this simple salad dish from Don Don only goes to show. The udon noodles are tossed with seaweed and green salad and served with a base soy sauce which adds an umami richness to the dish

4. Tempura Udon - Goshu Ramen Tei

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At Ramen Tei, they certainly believe in giving you your money's worth with this dish which is like two courses in one. The noodle element comes in the form of a light vegetable broth liberally laced with udon egg noodles and you also get a crispy selection of tempura vegetables on the side.

5. Miso Noodles - Wok & Noodle Bar

We started simply, and that's how we'll end with this delicious offering from Wok & Noodle Bar. Ramen noodles are served with a miso soup with extra flavouring coming from the traditional accompaniments of chillies, ginger and spring onions to create a dish that boasts clean flavours and is also very, very satisfying.

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