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5 Of Brisbane's Most Delicious High-Protein Vegetarian Meals

Veg out - 5 delicious high-protein veggie dishes to try in Brisbane

Life can be hard out there for a vegetarian. Meals out can be a nightmare and the scourge of the "vegetarian option" - where friends and family believe you have been well catered for because the local restaurant serves green salad - is a joke. Luckily, the tide is turning, and with more people than ever taking on vegetarianism and veganism, our options are expanding in Brisbane and beyond.

There is a host of tasty treats available to Brisbane veggies in 2017. Take a look at just five of the very best restaurant-quality, high-protein vegetarian dishes available to order right now.

1. Veggie Madras

Gone are the days when a curry night precluded vegetarians or reduced them to the same old onion bhaji and sag aloo meal time and time again. A host of vegetarian Indian restaurants have opened up around the nation's biggest cities, bringing not only the great taste of the sub-continent but a wide variety of dishes to veggies far and wide.

Vegeto is one of the restaurants leading the way in this regard. Based on Queens Street, it's very reasonably priced and offers some of the finest veggie curries known to man, none more impressive than the fighty-and-spicy Veggie Madras, which comes cooked with protein-packed lentils and a devilishly tasty mix of aromatic spices.

2. Vegetarian Roasted Duck Noodle

Another Asian cuisine leading the way with vegetarian tucker is Thai and in that regard, there is no better option than Tea Master on Wickham Street, one of the city's best-kept secrets. Originally set up as, you guessed it, a tea shop, the owners decided to offer light bites to cater for Brisbane's vegetarian population.

Tea Master boasts a number of dishes that just don't sound vegetarian including their incredibly popular Roasted Duck Noodle, which is faux duck served with steamed pak choi, rice, noodles and a sensationally sweet-and-sticky sauce. For an appetiser, you can't get much better than their sweet yam rolls, which arrive with a dipping sauce that is out of this world.

3. Halloumi Combo

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Greek food is all the rage nowadays, and with meat a huge part of the diet, it's not always one of the go-to cuisines for vegetarians. One sidestep around the issue is supplied by The Yiros Shop, who serve up delicious and authentic Greek gyros from their restaurant in Brisbane Street.

Right up there is their stunning halloumi yiros, which comes wrapped in a fluffy fresh pita, scorched lightly on the grill, filled with your choice of tomato, red onion, parsley, tzatziki & chips.

4. Mushroom Sauce Chow Mein

One restaurant that offers a range of options for meat-eaters, vegetarians and vegans alike is The Hub's Wok, a hugely popular Chinese eatery that fuses the best of all worlds with healthy and responsible cooking procedures.

Among many menu highlights is the Mushroom Sauce Chow Mein, just one of their six specially-curated and protein-conscious vegan stir-fry dishes that sell and sell. There is a wide range of appetisers to get you in the mood, too, with their vegan salt pepper tofu and their vegan curry puff among the finest starters in the city.

5. The Red Devil

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Who doesn't love a preciously-packed burrito? Another dish famed for its reliance on meat content, they're a veritable fiesta-in-the-mouth, with a sumptuous new taste combination surfacing with every bite. One Mexican eatery with veggies in mind is Zambrero, who go one step further to offer a vegan-friendly option on every single meal.

For those with spice in spades, The Red Devil packs a punch and comes packed with beans, white rice, cheese, double jalapenos, their famous romesco sauce and no fewer than three salsas. If you're not a burrito lover then we can also recommend any of their bowls, which contains all the fun without the mess of the tortilla.

So there's no excuse, vegetarians of Brisbane - the world has caught up with us. Don't delay - all of these dishes are available for delivery straight to your door via the good folk at Deliveroo.

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