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  2. Sydney’s Best Veggie Juices To Kick-Start That Detox
Sydney’s Best Veggie Juices To Detox With

Sydney’s Best Veggie Juices To Kick-Start That Detox

With our health often being at the forefront of our mind when we're deciding on what to eat or drink for the day, it can be hard to reach our recommended daily fruit and veg intake goals with such hectic schedules.

Eating vegetarian food is generally considered to be a healthy option but it's not always easy to do it. It's hard to imagine from a meat-eater's perspective that you'd find it interesting enough on a long-term basis. Maybe you'd have the odd vegetarian meal now and then, but you can't see yourself saying goodbye to meat forever. However, that doesn't mean you can't be more aware of how you're fuelling your system. There are lots of ways to get more veggies into your diet that can help you detox after the excesses of Christmas and New Year, without necessarily taking the big step of turning vegetarian.

We've scoured Sydney's restaurants and cafes for the best veggie juices. These not only taste great, but they'll help your body flush out the toxins and give it a boost of the nutrients and vitamins it needs to function at its optimal level.

1. Greens 3

At Pressed Juices, the theme is a simple one; healthy pressed juices and a few sweet treats that taste great but are good for you at the same time. For anyone looking to get their daily veggie quota down in one shot, their bottles of freshly pressed veg and fruit juices are just the job. The menu is split into sections such as Greens, Earth, Zing and Zest so you can quickly find the kind of juice you're looking for.

Our pick for a great detox boost has to be Greens 3. It's a mix of lettuce, celery, spinach, kale, cucumber, apple, ginger and parsley. Ginger is known for its detoxing abilities and is thought to aid the body to clear out toxins by stimulating the digestive system and blood flow, causing sweating.

2. Dr Detox

With a name like Dr Detox, it's obvious that this juice from The Bondi Juice Company will set you on the path to feeling better after too many nights of excess and overeating. It's a blend of kale, celery, cucumber, apple, mint and lemon. Kale is a frequently used ingredient in detox drinks and that's thanks to the high levels of fibre in it which encourage a healthy digestive system, as well as the phytonutrients in kale that may neutralise inflammation. There's also a lot of vitamin C in kale which helps boost your immune system.

3. The Flu Fighter

At 212 blu, there is a host of smoothies, juices and milkshakes to get your day started with. But the best detox choice, we think, has to be the Flu Fighter. Its ingredients are simple: orange, turmeric and ginger. But with the vitamin C from the oranges and the detox properties from the ginger you're off to a healthy start. In addition, the health benefits associated with turmeric are multiple. It's an anti-inflammatory, it stimulates better circulation and has been linked to the lowering of high blood pressure and cholesterol. It's rich in antioxidants and can actually help your body absorb other antioxidants more effectively. What's not to love about this miracle spice?

4. Purify 500ml

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With a name like Purify, you know that this juice from 0 Superfood is going to have plenty of good stuff in it. It's a mix of coconut water, aloe vera, apple, blueberries, kiwi, celery, lemon, barley grass, chia seeds and cucumber. Aloe vera helps your body to detox as it's rich in the vitamins required by your liver and kidneys to function well. The better they're working, the more effective they'll be at flushing toxins out of your system. The alkaline nature of barley grass combined with its rich antioxidant properties, means that it will stimulate a deep cleanse of your liver, encouraging further toxin elimination.

No more excuses about it being too hard to prepare a veggie detox juice at home. Sydney's eateries and Deliveroo will do all the hard work for you; all you need to do is order and then drink up!

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