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  2. The Best Egg Dishes In Sydney Will Have You Satisfied
The Best Egg Dishes In Sydney Will Have You Satisfied

The Best Egg Dishes In Sydney Will Have You Satisfied

As the most important meal of the day, there's one ingredient every breakfast can't do without - eggs! Versatile, delicious, protein-packed, and prepared to your liking, eggs are a tasty little miracle in themselves! They will get you through the day no matter what lies ahead, so pack on the protein and check out our guide to Sydney's best egg dishes!

Whether you prefer your eggs soft or springy, scrambled or fried, plain or dressed with fresh veggies, you have a world of options to choose from when it comes to brekkie in Sydney. Check out our guide to Sydney's best egg dishes served fresh on the daily just for you!

1. Poached - Shenkin Eatery

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First up is an all-time classic that beautifully blends the best of both boiled and soft served eggs usually accompanied by the most decadent ingredients a chef can find. That's right, this champion of breakfasts is none other than the poached egg. Rather than settle for the same old Benedict set up, mix things up and try these delicate morsels the Mediterranean way. At Shenkin Eatery, you can enjoy a traditional poached breakfast - or brunch - adopted by many cultures in the sea-side region: Shakshuka. This saucy tomato, garlic and capsicum base is brewed for seven hours, which binds each ingredient to release the aromas and flavours native to the local cultures. Poached directly into the sauce and nestled among a plethora of flavours, these eggs are unlike any you've had before!

2. Scrambled - Thr1ve

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For all you health-nuts out there, Thr1ve is bound to be one of your all-time favourite breakfast spots. Serving signature breakfast bowls, you can mix and match with fresh ingredients and gluten-free options, Thr1ve is the ultimate place to start your day the healthy way. A fan favourite is their Classic Breakfast Bowl featuring light and fluffy scrambled eggs with chives, bacon, avocado and diced tomatoes mixed with feta cheese and baby spinach for a well-balanced meal that'll get you started on the right foot. Try out their full menu of delicious bowls and discover your perfect breakfast today.

3. Omelette - Devon Cafe

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Enjoy having a breakfast you can devour on the go? Why not try out one of the many sandwiches offered at Devon Café and be on your merry way! Their Japanese Omelette Sandwich features yet another wonderful way to have your eggs prepared. Served with Japanese mayo and spiced with furikake, a mixture of sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, dried fish, salt and other traditional flavours, enjoy your breakfast with an Asian twist this morning.

4. Deep Fried Egg - Chez Sun

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If you're a die-hard fan or simply looking to try something new, any day of the week is a great time to enjoy your breakfast with the delightful flavours of a fried egg. At Chez Sun you can order a breakfast that embraces your favourite style of egg in a meal so popular they had to name it after themselves! The Chez Sun Deep Fried Egg is guaranteed to knock your socks off, serving up a deep fried egg over toasted sourdough topped with creamed corn, chipotle pulled pork, prosciutto, and avocado. With all the wonderful ways you can cook an egg, there's no wonder Sydney keeps things fresh and exciting to suit your every need.

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