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  2. Get Raring to Go in Brisbane - Smoothies and Other Breakfast Treats
Raring to Go in Brisbane with Smoothies and Healthy Breakfasts

Get Raring to Go in Brisbane - Smoothies and Other Breakfast Treats

The start of a brand new day in Brisbane is the chance to have some new adventures and live life to the full in a vibrant city. Yet, what if you wake up feeling low on energy? The good news is that Brisbane has some wonderful restaurants where you can order filling breakfasts and healthy smoothies that leave you looking forward to the day while feeling full of energy.

1.   Thr1ve

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The popular Thr1ve restaurant is best known for its healthy Breakfast Bowls. This is a powerful way to start any day. Among the options is the Goodness Greens bowl and Bircher Muesli, while some of the bowls pack even more of a punch with ingredients such as bacon and eggs added to the mix. In terms of the smoothies, the selection here is also impressive. You could choose to kick-start your morning with a Wake Up Call that includes espresso beans, cashew butter, choc whey protein, sea salt, dates, and cinnamon. Another tremendous smoothie is the Berry Bliss, which sees berry compote, banana, coconut yoghurt, dates, ginger, and mint all blended together.  

2.   88 Forty Eight Restaurant and Bar

There are plenty of breakfast options here at the 88 Forty Eight Restaurant and Bar to give you the ideal start to the day. Will you choose the Raisin Toast, the Smashed Avocado or the Big Breakfast? If eating healthily is top of your agenda, then the Healthy Start breakfast combines halloumi, smoked salmon, avocado, poached eggs, and sourdough. When what you really want to get your day started is a smoothie, then you can pick one from the popular smoothies available here, with Banana and Mixed Berries the options.

3.   Pineapple Express Café

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Whether you wake up full of energy or feeling a bit lethargic, the right breakfast will let you take full advantage of the possibilities of the day ahead. Pineapple Express Café is a fine choice to get your body and mind up and running right away. The menu is packed with goodies such as Acai Bowls, Smashed Avo, and the Roast Veggie Wrap. If what you really crave is a smoothie to jump-start your morning, then you can choose from a big selection here. Mango Muscles is a real winner, with mango, passion fruit, vanilla coyo, ice cream, whey protein, chia seeds, and coconut all brought together in one delightful drink. The Coco Vovo and King Kong smoothies are also packed with energy and great flavours.

4.   Bean Hive Espresso

No matter what time of day you look for a filling breakfast, you can find it at Bean Hive Espresso. This is because they have an all-day breakfast menu that is filled with terrific treats. For example, you could choose the House Made Maple Granola that includes rhubarb, yoghurt, banana, and chia seeds. Another dish worth trying is the Yoghurt Pot, which is made up of honey yoghurt, kiwi, banana, and granola with macerated strawberries. The Banana Smoothie, Green Smoothie, and Super Smoothie all blend together some fabulous ingredients to give you a tasty energy boost that will last for hours.

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