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  2. Coconut and spice and all things nice: We seek out Brisbane’s finest Thai dishes
Brisbane’s Finest Thai Dishes

Coconut and spice and all things nice: We seek out Brisbane’s finest Thai dishes

When you think about Thai food it probably conjures up flavours and smells as well as images in your mind, with rich and creamy sauces, coconut, and spice, Thai cuisine never fails to delight the taste buds. Their cuisine is renowned for its attention to detail and intricacy from the delicate blending of spices and flavours through to the finishing details in elaborate garnishes like hand-carved carrot roses served on a bed of crispy salad. Whether you favour the creamy curries, spicy noodles, fragrant rice or tasty soups, you are set for an evening full of exotic flavours that never fail to disappoint.

Thai food is ranked amongst some of the most popular cuisines in the world with many of Thailand's most famous exports featuring high in the rankings. And Aussie's are no exception with it comes to loving the Thai cuisine as we too can't get enough of the flavours. In Brisbane we are lucky to have several amazing Thai restaurants to choose from, but which of their exquisite dishes will you choose?

1.   Thai Wi-Rat

This humble restaurant has an extensive menu that brings the taste of Thailand to Brisbane with their delicious curries, soups, and noodles. We loved the Thai Wi-Rat's Tom Yam soup to start, this lip-smacking, spicy, and sour soup will have you slurping your way through the whole dish and wanting more. We also couldn't resist the nutty, creaminess of the Gang Panang curry that with its full flavour created from coconut milk, Thai red curry paste, peanuts, and kaffir lime leaves. This curry is definitely not inferior to the often favoured red and green curries, but a delightfully nutty alternative.

2.   The Hub's Wok

This restaurant located in Fortitude Valley specialises in Asian and Thai cuisine that can't help but please all palates with the fusion of Eastern delights which creates a winning combination. We started our meal at The Hub's Wok with crispy Vegan Fried Wontons, these delicate pastry parcels dipped in a sweet chilli sauce are irresistible. However much we love to try new dishes we still adore the popular Thai curries with their delightful flavour. We choose the chicken Thai Red Curry which creates an exquisite balance between the creamy coconut milk and delicate spices that make this dish so memorable and have us coming back for more. There is also a Thai Red curry with succulent king prawns and classic rice which made a perfect meal.

3.   Phat Elephant

This authentic Thai restaurant prides itself in delivering high-quality dishes in its stylish restaurant that can be found in Brisbane's Central Business District. We started our meal with the Phat Elephant's Fish Cakes that blended spices and citrus juices to create a delicious fish dish. We followed this with a tasty Pad Thai served with chicken; this traditional Thai street-style food is a stir-fry dish that combines noodles with crisp vegetables, chicken in a sweet-and-sour sauce that is far worthier than its street origins.

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