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Marvellously Meaty Starters – The Best Indian Food in Brisbane

Might, Meaty And Marvellous – Kick-Start Your Meal With Brisbane’s Most Appetising Indian Food

Indian food is one of the most popular cuisine options in Australia and there are tons of restaurants across the country serving up classics from the region. Although the cuisine is perhaps best-known for its flavour-packed aromatic curries, there are also some exceptional starters on offer. There are plenty of offerings for vegetarians, but also some fabulous meat-filled options for carnivores. With all of the amazing Indian restaurants in Brisbane, some people may find it hard to choose. Luckily, we have compiled this list of the best meaty starters, just for you.

1. Non Vegetarian Tapas Tower

When it comes to seriously meaty starters it doesn't get much better than the Non Vegetarian Tapas Tower at Indian Mehfil – it's in the name! Make sure you have a large group with even larger appetites with you when you consume this incredible platter of lamb seek kebab, chicken lasoni tikka and lamb chops with an array of delightful dips. If you want to go all out, you could combine this with the Veg Mix Tapas Tower, which features other Indian classics like onion bhajis and paneer pakoda. This could be enjoyed as a meal in itself, or an excellent way to start your evening.

2. Meat Samosa

These succulent deep-fried pockets of goodness are one of the most famous Indian starters and can come filled with almost anything. The meat samosas at Aamaya Indian restaurant consist of homemade crispy pastry, packed full with delicately seasoned minced meat and garlic. These are ideal for sharing but there's nothing to say you shouldn't order more than one portion! Chop and change with the veggie version or some other great light bites that you may want to sink your teeth into here, such as the sublime Chicken Tikka. Carnivores of Brisbane, Aamaya's got your back.

3. Mixed Platter

Sizzling Tandoor specialises in hot and spicy dishes and aims to include the freshest and most vibrant ingredients available. Because the starter section is filled with so many tantalising options, we recommend ordering the Mixed Platter so that you get the chance to sample some of the highlights. Take a tour of India's meaty delights without budging from the couch: this large sharing plate for two, consists of tandoori chicken, pakora, samosa and rajah prawns. This is a sure-fire way to whet your appetite in preparation for one of their fiery mains.

4. Seekh Kebab

Kohinoor Indian Cuisine in Clayfield is all about the healthy options and there are some tremendous treats to be found on the menu here. The Seekh Kebab is one of their best-selling dishes, as the complex blend of herbs and spices perfectly brings out the juicy flavours of the four cutlets of lamb. It's no surprise that this is one of the most ordered dishes at the restaurant and those who try it keep coming back for more.

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