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From Brown Rice to Super Juices – Healthy Eating Made Easy

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be a chore – five tips to make it fun

We'd probably all like to eat that little bit healthier, but many of us fear missing out on delicious food in the process. Today, though, there's no excuse – so many restaurants and cafes have menus packed with healthy, nutritious and yet still delicious choices for us to enjoy. Check it out.

1. Keep it whole

Whole foods are much better for us than processed foods, so order the kind of meals you enjoy but take the whole food version. For instance, enjoy the decadence of a curry but make it a healthier choice with brown rice instead of white. You'd be hard-pressed to find a tastier curry than the Classic Thai Massaman Curry at Oriental Healthy with its slow-simmered beef cooked in coconut. And it'll taste even better knowing that it comes with a healthy side -  aromatic steamed organic quinoa and brown rice.

2. Make a vegetarian choice 

We all assume that veggie diets are healthier than those full of meat, but what is it that makes vegetarian food so good for you? For starters, high levels of fibre are great for getting everything moving in your gut and for dealing with the free radicals that can promote cancer cell formation. All the vitamins in fruit and veg offer added benefits for healthier skin. Mixing in a vegetarian meal or two a week is easy. We recommend the Spaghetti con la Zucca from Global Vegetarian. As well as fulfilling the vegetarian promise, this heady mix of pulses, veggies, tomato and cream with spaghetti is packed with so much flavour you'll forget all about the bad-for-you treats you've been craving.

3. Swap in healthier drinks

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Ditch soft drinks loaded with processed sugars and opt for a healthier super juice. They still hit the sweet spot, but at the same time help you to detox. Big night out last night? Simply didn't sleep well? Juices will sort you right out, get you set up for the day ahead. Try a super juice combo like Satisfy (Tropic Thunder) with pineapple and beetroot, aloe vera and spirulina or Green (Liverlicious) - all your greens in a glass - at O Superfood.

4. Salads can satisfy!

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Many of us shy away from choosing a salad as a main course because we think it won't satisfy our hunger. But there are so many salad choices packed with flavour that will fill you up! If you doubt us, try the delicious Poke Me bowl at Poke Bowl Paddington. It features salmon for an antioxidant boost and protein hit, as well as being associated with reducing the risk of heart disease because it's so rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. There's also wakame (seaweed), which is both protein and carb-rich, high in antioxidants and various vitamins. How they fit so much goodness in a bowl is a mystery - you've just got to try it to believe it!

5. Sweets don't have to be a bad choice

Satisfy your craving for something sweet but keep it healthy by picking a treat that's raw and refined-sugar-free. For good measure, all the sweets at Homejuice are vegan, gluten, wheat and dairy-free, so they're suitable for everyone. The Dessert Variety box, with its mix of caramel slices, protein balls, cheesecake and manuka chocolate, does just the job!

From whole foods to nutrient-packed super ingredients, check out these healthy choices and more and have Deliveroo bring the goods right to you.

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