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  2. Brilliant Brunching in Melbourne: Our Guide
Brilliant Brunching in Melbourne: Our Guide

Brilliant Brunching in Melbourne: Our Guide

You've slept through breakfast, but it's too early for lunch... uh-oh!

Enter brunch: The best excuse to have yummy breakfast foods any time of the day. There are heaps of restaurants that have embraced the brunch craze in Melbourne, so make a morning of it. Or rather, make a morning and afternoon of it!

1. Phamish

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The all-day menu at Phamish is absolutely perfect for brunching. With wholesome, hearty meals to start your day off in the right way, you won't be disappointed. There are so many stand-out dishes on this menu, from the Breakkie Burrito with baked beans, eggs, corn and chorizo, through to the Breakkie Salmon, for a little lime-infused treat. Everything is honest-to-goodness and super creative, so there'll be something right up everyone's street (although it's actually on Fitzroy Street, in case you're wondering).

2. Hobba

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From smoothies to kick-start your day to full-blown breakfasts, there are plenty of options if your plan is brunching at Hobba. Smashed avo is an essential, obviously, and you'll find it on the menu in abundance. You'll also find omelettes, porridge and muesli, so you can be as healthy or as indulgent as you want to be. The flavours will appeal to every palette - they're complex, without isolating the fussy. You know who you are...

3. Gattica

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Middle Eastern Eggs, Pea and Prosciutto Toast, and NYC Bagels. As you can imagine, there's not a cereal box in sight. Gattica takes you on a culinary journey that's rare for quite so early in the morning, but gives you exactly what you want (and need) from a brunch. Children are catered for, too, which means that this is a great place to visit for family brunching. In fact, we can't think of anyone that this place won't suit.

4. Honest Food

The breakfast menu at Honest Food is perfect for brunching out of necessity; like when you got up too late for breakfast and are hungry like the wolf! There's also the matter of battling a hangover with brunch, which we've discussed before. With vegan and gluten free super seed and nut crackers featuring that Aussie staple, avo, and even breakfast burritos, this place is on-trend so much that it would hurt... if it wasn't so good. With a range of drinks including cold-pressed juices to go along with your food choices, this is one super refreshing brunch that you won't forget anytime soon.

5. PicaPika Waffles

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If indulgence is your thing, PicaPika will suit you just fine. It's all about waffles, and as long as you can wait until midday, you can join in on the action. Their premium range is where it's at, dare to break your fast with flavours such as salted caramel honeycomb and pistachio rose. If it's way too early for you to be so sweet, you have other choices as well. It's all so intricate, you'll definitely need to check it out for yourself.

It's never too late in the day to order brunch, and you'll find plenty of options on Deliveroo. Does anybody really need to know that you didn't wake up early to prepare it? We won't tell if you don't!

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