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  2. Sweeten Up Your Saturday With Melbourne’s Tastiest Cakes
Sweeten Up Your Saturday With Melbourne’s Tastiest Cakes

Sweeten Up Your Saturday With Melbourne’s Tastiest Cakes

When it comes to dessert, nothing compares to the first bite of your favourite cake and a sip of coffee to wash it down. Whether you prefer it spongy, fudgey or piled high with frosting, Melbourne has some of the most deliciously uplifting cakes prepared daily, perfectly suited for some laid back weekend indulgence. Looking to get your hands on a slice to enjoy on your much-deserved day off? Check out these top spots.

1. Chocolate Chip Mud Cake - Simon's Cakes

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Starting off with a classic loved around the world, the Chocolate Chip Mud Cake from Simon's Cakes is the answer to any chocolate lover's craving. One piece is never enough when it comes to a chocolate cake and Simon's are no exception! A rich, creamy and deliciously moist chocolate cake is packed with chocolate chips guaranteed to put you into a state of bliss. Drowning in smooth chocolate sauce and sprinkled with flakes, this dessert is a marvel that will leave a smile on your face anytime of the day.

2. Red Velvet Cupcakes - Little Cupcakes

For those looking for the fulfilling taste of cake on-the-go, look no further than Little Cupcakes. Serving everything you need to satisfy that sugar craving, this charming Little spot creates some of the most gorgeous cupcakes around. The Red Velvet Cupcake, another timeless choice, presents a light cocoa butter base smothered in a delectable cream cheese frosting. This popular selection is the ultimate solution to sweetening up your day. Perfectly suited to enjoy with a nice cup of coffee or tea this Saturday afternoon, check out the colourful menu at Little Cupcakes. It will inevitably have you ordering in seconds… or thirds, no one's judging! .

3. Banana Cake with Maple Frosting - Mill & Bakery

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If you're a fan of traditional loaves, prepare to be blown away by Mill & Bakery, a sweet-tooth hotspot that excels in the art of baked goods. Delicious breads and cakes of all kind are available at this patisserie, baked fresh on demand with the finest ingredients in town. Their banana cake is an everyday special prepared with real bananas to produce a soft gooey centre. Drizzled with a divine maple frosting, the light and tasty cake is a perfect companion to enjoy with your favourite hot drink on a lazy afternoon. Be sure to check out the banana cake among the popular favourites from Mill & Bakery's fresh and delicious menu served right here in Melbourne.

4. Japanese Signature Cheesecake - Uncle Tetsu

Last but not least, a unique and exciting new take on the classic cheesecake is featured at Uncle Tetsu's, in their signature original Japanese Cheesecake. Unlike the everyday cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu's Japanese version is a soft fluffy cake packed with flavour and a texture that's lighter than air! This easily addictive Japanese version of the cheesecake has won the hearts of dessert aficionados around the world. Uncle Tetsu's Signature Cheesecake is an absolute must-try that will perk up your weekend and have you dreaming about your next slice. Looking to drown yourself in a cloud of cheesecake that gets better with every bite? Be sure to treat yourself this weekend and give Uncle Tetsu's unforgettable cake a try!

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