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Do Play with Your Food! 4 Cuisines Ideal for Party Games

Forget drinking games – eating games are the way forward!

Drinking games at a party are great fun if everyone there is drinking, but they can leave some people feeling left out. Some people just don't drink and, of course, there's always the designated driver. To make the game all-inclusive, take a different approach and make the drinking game an eating one instead.

It's easy to set up. Whenever you don't get the answer to a question right, your forfeit isn't a shot or to drink a finger of wine, but instead to eat a delicious morsel of whatever food you've decided to play with. The range of food you can use is vast – from chicken wings with blue cheese fondue dip to slices of pizza, a spread of Spanish tapas or an array of Chinese dim sum. There's no end to the kind of food you can adapt to an eating game – these are just a few suggestions to get you thinking!

Put those sharing platters to work

Depending on how many of you there are, one neat way of getting a selection of eating game food together is to order from the Shares to Share menu at Prince Lane Perth. Our faves are the Buffalo Wings, accompanied by blue cheese fondue dip, the Pork Belly Bites and the Build Your Own Tacos. There's something that everyone will enjoy there - and we don't blame you if you start getting the answers wrong deliberately!

La Dolce Vita with a slice of pizza

Who doesn't like pizza? Well, maybe there are a few people on the planet who don't, but the vast majority of us can always manage just one more slice. At Pizza Autentico, you'll find classics like Margherita and Quattro Stagioni, but also house specialities like the Fiessese - with Italian sausage, mascarpone and truffle oil. So order in a couple of big pizzas and give your eating game an Italian theme.

Tap into some tapas

Tapas must have been invented for eating games! With so many little portions of delicious foods, it's hard to choose just a few tapas dishes. Make yours a big gathering so you have a good reason to order lots of tapas! Be sure to include favourites such as Gambas Al Ajillo, Patatas Bravas and Abondigas (meatballs) along with some Empanadillas de Carne and Flores de Calabacin Rellenas (stuffed zucchini flowers) - all available at Alegrias Spanish Tapas.

Dim sum delights

Dim sum, the Chinese take on tapas, makes just as good a choice for an eating game. Order a few different dishes like Dim Sum in the Cage - a tower of 12 dumplings that are steamed and deep fried - and BBQ Pork Buns. Add in some Shredded Pork in Peking Sauce with Pancakes and maybe some Salt and Pepper Prawns from the Dainty Dumpling House to make sure you have a wide and varied tasting platter for your game.

Next time you're having a get-together at your place, let an eating game take centre stage and make drinking the sideshow. Party prep is simple when ordering your food with Deliveroo.

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