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Dish Of The Day: Cheeseburger

Dish of the day: cheeseburger

If you asked a hundred people what their favourite food was, how many would say 'cheeseburger'? While we haven't crunched the numbers, we bet it's substantial. And it's easy to see why – who could possibly say no to the familiar euphoria of that first cheesy bite?

But let's face it, one bite is never enough. And Pearl's Cheeseburger from Burger Theory proves our point. Others guys at Burger Edge make the most of the classic formula with their Feel The Cheese burger, and Burger Urge – true to their name – will give you cravings lasting for months. The cheeseburger is here to stay, and we love it.

It's what's inside that counts

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Making the perfect cheeseburger isn't as easy as it sounds –  it's an art form. On paper, the cheeseburger is basic dish. You have ground beef that's formed into patties, a slice of your favourite cheese, ketchup and pickles, all bundled into a bun or a bread roll.

But it's what you do or add to these ingredients that makes one cheeseburger different from another. Do you use Wagyu or grass-fed Angus beef for a more tender patty? Grill it over charcoal, sear it, or smoke it for extra flavour? And then there's the matter of cheese – you could sub out classic American cheese for strong cheddar, mild mozzarella or even firm halloumi depending on what you want your burger to be.

A hungry history

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The idea of putting meat between slices of bread dates as far back as 19th century Hamburg, Germany, but the addition of melted cheese was a stroke of genius first rustled up in the United States.

Many burger joints claim to have made the original cheeseburger, but popular belief gives credit to a Lionel Steinberger in 1926. Working at his father's sandwich shop in Pasadena, California, he one day decided to experiment a little and whacked a slice of cheese on a searing burger patty. All we can say is thank you, Lionel, for your services to burger kind.

Best burger practise

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Raw onions or cooked? Paying close attention to detail, the cheeseburger at Burger Edge chooses thinly-sliced grilled onion, whose sweetness balances the rich helping of double cheese and cool crunch from the cos lettuce.

Choosing what sauce to have on your burger can be trickier than it sounds. Some like the traditional ketchup, while others like to mix it up. At Burger Urge, they add dollops of garlicky aioli and a secret homemade sauce to the meat, melted cheese and salad. And to cap it off, a milk-glazed bun snugly protects these layers of goodness.

Contrary to what many people may think, the classic version of the cheeseburger doesn't have any salad. Paying their respects to tradition, Burger Theory's cheeseburger leaves out the green stuff and focuses on what really matters: hand-formed juicy beef patties, gooey American cheese, sliced pickles, diced onions and drizzles of ketchup and mustard.

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