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  2. Chicken soup showdown - Sydney’s soulful soupy gems
Chicken Soup Showdown - Sydney’s Soulful Soupy Gems

Chicken soup showdown - Sydney’s soulful soupy gems

Sometimes a warm, aromatic bowl of chicken soup is all you need to get back on track and keep yourself full and completely satisfied. No matter what time of the day it is, it's hard to pass over some scrumptious chicken soup of any variety! Some of the tastiest and most exciting chicken soups are right here in Sydney waiting for you to slurp away on their fresh and flavourful ingredients guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! From classic chicken noodle to Thai traditional favs, it's time for the ultimate chicken soup showdown to help you decide which is the best in the world!

1. Prawn Wontons in Chicken Soup - Dainty Dumpling House

A favourite Down Under, the Dainty Dumpling House prepares authentic and exciting Chinese dumplings among countless other dishes with fantastic flavours that bring out each meal's most delectable tastes. The Prawn Wontons in Chicken Soup add a filling component to a classic chicken soup. Deliciously steamed wontons stuffed with fresh prawns are mixed into a savoury soup served piping hot, making this one a fan-favourite! A must-try at the Dainty Dumpling House, make sure to get your hands on one of these exhilarating bowls and don't miss out on the world of goodness it provides!

2. Chicken Noodle Soup - I Love Pho

For a slightly different palette of oriental flavours, I Love Pho offers a glorious Vietnamese cuisine filled with delectable and downright delicious Pho. Their version of chicken noodle soup (or Pho Ga) is an authentic collection of rice and noodles cooked in a traditional chicken broth that would fill any room with a heavenly aroma you couldn't resist! The chicken is boiled fresh and mixed together with a tasty soup to produce an authentic and beloved Vietnamese dish to warm you up right!

3. Ipoh Hor Fun - Jimmy's Recipe

Over at Jimmy's Recipe, fantastic Malaysian soups, mains and starters are cooked to perfection with fresh spices and herbs in every dish. The Ipoh Hor Fun (a tongue-twister, we know) is a riveting Malaysian flat-rice noodle chicken soup infused with crunchy bean sprouts, savoury prawn and added garlic for an enticing experience packed with nutrients and flavour. A healthy and heart-warming dish, it comes as no surprise as to why it's an all-time favourite in Sydney!

4. Karaage Udon Soup - Ajisen Ramen

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Here's a twist from your everyday chicken soup that'll surely have you licking the bowl clean! Karaage Udon is a Japanese thick ramen soup spectacularly served at Ajisen Ramen. Karaage is a traditional Japanese version of deep-fried chicken worthy of the gods! Apart from its vibrant and aesthetic presentation, Karaage Udon brings together toasty Nori seaweed and whole Wakame seaweed boiled to perfection, which combined makes for a heavenly soup indeed! Make sure to try this exciting dish and indulge yourself on your next order.

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