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  2. Let us guide you on the best Chinese dishes to fulfil your Chinese cravings in Melbourne
Melbourne's Best Chinese Dishes And Where To Get Them

Let us guide you on the best Chinese dishes to fulfil your Chinese cravings in Melbourne

As a nation, China has a real love affair with food and it forms an important part of their culture. Chinese cuisine has such a diverse range of influences with regional variations and inspirations coming from across Asia. Chinese food is full of fulsome flavours, stunning smells, and candid colours that entice each of your senses, and as with any major city, Melbourne has a host of exceptional Chinese restaurants to choose from.

Whether you favour the vivid red sweet and sour, doughy dumpling delights, crispy spring rolls, succulent Peking duck there's such a great variety of dishes within the Chinese cuisine that it suits so many different tastes. It also means that there are always so many more dishes to explore that you never tire of a Chinese takeaway. In Melbourne, we are so lucky that we have some of the best Chinese restaurants to explore this wonderful cuisine through.

1. Yum Shanghai Dumplings

Yum Shanghai Dumplings is an authentic Chinese and Asian restaurant loves to serve delicious dishes that will have you visiting time and time again. We couldn't visit this restaurant aptly named restaurant without sampling their dumplings. It doesn't get much more authentic than at Yum Shanghai, and if you're not used to this, you should read our very special restaurant profile of the place to help you select your perfect dish. We love the Pork Dumpling in Hot and Sour Soup, where tasty dumplings are enhanced by the intensity of the soup to create a winning meal combination.

2. I Love Dumplings

Although this Chinese restaurant is called I Love Dumplings it's not only dumplings that they serve and they have such a great range of dishes that it would be wrong to only choose dumplings. We love to eat Chinese food in a series of courses and we can never resist the Roasted Duck Pancakes, this dish is mouth-wateringly good with the tiny pancakes parcelling up the tender duck, thinly sliced spring onions, and sweet hoisin sauce. We followed this with a wonderfully flavoured Kung-Po Chicken, this dish combines sweet chilli sauce, peanuts, carrot, and cucumber to create a rich taste that is perfect with egg fried rice.

3. Bowl Bowl

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This restaurant takes inspiration from Sichuan cuisine to bring the best flavours of southwest China to our Melbourne tables. Bowl Bowl menu explores the tastes of Chinese street food, traditional cuisine, and modern twists. We liked to start our meal with the delicious broth of a Sweet Corn and Chicken Soup, this classic Chinese soup makes an enjoyable light starter. We love a noodle dish and we selected the Singapore Noodle, this dish is packed with flavour combining BBQ pork, fresh prawns, seasonal vegetables, and rice noodles dressed in a delicious mild curry sauce.

Are your taste buds tingling and your mind racing over which dish to choose? Don't delay, Melbourne folk - get your Deliveroo order sorted and satisfy those Chinese cravings.

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