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5 Gooey Cookie Bakes to Quell Those Chocolate Chip Cravings

Five Gooey, Chewy Bakes to Sate Your Inner Cookie Monster

When the cravings come rumbling there's only one way to satisfy that stomach – indulge! Cookies come in many forms, many styles and many sizes, united by recipe and a common goal to make to make folks happy. Which is wonderful, because in the modern world getting hold of a top-quality crunch is easier than ever.

Here at Deliveroo we've got all the classics: chocolate chip, peanut butter, plain and vanilla, and we love each and every one most dearly. Then there's the new bakes on the block: from little to large, from molten to crisp, from chocolate chip cookies to the new age Oreo and cream. Everyone is real sweet-toothed treat. Not sure what to go for first? No problem. We've a handy guide to a few of our faves just below.

1. Cookie Container Selection from Kurtosh

Home to master chefs, endless sweet treats and general bakery goodness, Kurtosh know their way around a cookie or two. Flanked by distinctive 'Kürtőskalács' chimney cakes, the restaurant serves selection boxes morning, noon and night, each one filled to the brim with up to fifteen freshly baked biscuits. Load up on your all-time favourites, give them as a gift or scoff 'em down in one sitting. Whatever the occasion, they've got you covered.

2. Peanut Butter Cookie from Crumble Top

Crisp outside, gooey inside and absolutely nutty. Our second recommendation is the Peanut Butter Cookie from Crumble Top, a restaurant that prides itself on the balance of crust and filling working in tandem. It's not too sweet, it's not too salty - in fact, this little devil is just plain old delicious, built around a combination an iconic flavour. A humble cookie with a whole lot of attitude. It doesn't get much better than this! 

3. The Cookie Dough 'Wich from Ben and Jerry's

Why order chocolate chip solo when you could go ahead and order chocolate chip with ice cream? The Cookie Dough 'Wich from Ben and Jerry's is a handy meal that sets up your tongue with the best of both worlds. Their signature cookie dough ice cream is squished between two warm cookies and served with a handy side of napkins. Messy, indulgent, ridiculously good - just watch out for brain freeze!

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4. The Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcake from Little Cupcakes

Cookies inside a cupcake. Pure genius. If you're in the market for a plain old vanilla upgrade, the Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcake by the blessed chefs at Little Cupcakes is just the mighty morsel for you. Topped with buttercream and built into a moist chocolate cake, these Oreo cookies are made all the more scrumptious by such excellent company.    

5. The KUMA Cake from T by Luxbite

Another hidden cookie gem, the KUMA cake from T by Luxbite is a bear-faced, delicious little cutie. Heck, this thing is practically a work of art. Baked chocolate chip cookies (a classic) are enclosed within a chocolate tart, which is then filled with strawberry and banana cream. Talk about sweet! White chocolate milkshake mousse and caramel glaze provide a finishing glaze touch.  

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Go on, indulge! Cookies, cake and gooey bakes await. Order dessert direct to your door with Deliveroo.  

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