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  2. Christmas is near so get ready for your Melbourne BBQ bonanza!
Christmas Is Near So Get Ready for Your Melbourne BBQ Bonanza!

Christmas is near so get ready for your Melbourne BBQ bonanza!

While the rest of the world seeks refuge indoors for the holidays in hopes of avoiding Jack Frost himself, it's all fun and games in the sun Down Under! For a Christmas made of water-side BBQs, sunburns, and a whole lot of booze, make sure you're fully stocked for the celebrations. However, if you come across the need for an impromptu top up to keep the guests going, here's a handy list of places in Melbourne to keep in mind and keep your BBQ going all day!  

1. Wine - The Melbourne Wine Store

In the midst of all the Christmas cheer, great food, and the very best of company, chances are, if all goes well, your next Christmas BBQ might need a restock of bubbly to keep the party going. Holiday hosts all over Melbourne can put their worries at bay and take comfort in knowing this year you'll have the help of The Melbourne Wine Store at the click of a button! With a full range a beer, wine, and even champagne available for delivery, the fun never has to stop. Favourites including Old Mout Cider and Corona beer pair especially well with the warm weather to keep your friends and family refreshed throughout the festivities. Looking for an extra special way to celebrate this special day? Check out their selection of sparkling Prosecco and keep the party vibes alive!

2. Beer and Wine - Kong BBQ

Let's hope all goes as planned this Christmas but it's always important to have a backup in case one too many 'plus ones' arrive, or even worse, the barbie is a bust! At Kong BBQ, you can order a variety of Japanese inspired BBQ favourites including burgers, sides, and finger foods to keep your hungry guests fuelled throughout. The best part is that you can opt for an all-in-one order and choose your favourite party nibbles alongside a chance at grabbing a few extras for the alcohol fridge by adding an order of beer, wine, or both!

3. Beer and Cider - Bottle Butler

Yet another handy place to keep in mind during your holiday celebrations is none other than Bottle Butler, who offer the very best in beers and ciders, and a seemingly endless list of wine selections including sparkling, white, red, and even the popular favourite Moscato. In addition, this shop goes the extra mile, keeping a full stock of premixed spirits such as Captain Morgan and Cola and Jack Daniel's Double Black and Cola as well as the very thoughtful inclusion of plain mixers to save the day!

4. Huxta Feasts - Huxtaburger​

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Last but not least, the Huxtaburger is a great option to have on hand for any gathering, especially when planning this year's holiday season. Keep it simple and order in bulk with their selection of Huxta Feast boxes for four. This bundle comes with four Plain Jane burgers, two large servings of chips, four servings of chicken tenders, onion rings, hash bites, and a 1.25 L soft drink of your choice. Wow! Also serving a selection of beverages, make this order count and check out their drink menu consisting of a selection of beer, cider, premixed drinks, as well as red, white, and sparkling wine. Get everything you need when you need it and enjoy the party until the goodies arrive!

Enjoy a worry-free Christmas BBQ this year with a little help from Deliveroo!

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