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5 Citrus Pies to Add a Little Zing to Your Day!

In The Market For Something Sweet? Here Are 5 Classic Citrus Desserts That Won't Leave You Bitter!

You may be feeling a tad tired of your sweet treat routine. Or perhaps you just have that confectionery itch in your palette that somehow you can't seem to scratch, no matter how much sugary goodness you sample. It appears the dessert fairy needs to grant you a new wish. And you know what they say – when life gives you lemons, turn them into tarts!

Zesty lemon and tangy orange flavours make for some of the most divine desserts. From orange peel chocolates to lemon meringue pie, or even a nice limey drink, all these could be the fresh citrus nectar you never knew you needed. Revisit the joys of desserts and make new memories with this juicy vitamin C dosage. Put a sunny smile on your face as you feast your cheeky buds on the citrus curd indulgence from Melbourne eateries. Here are some of our favourite creations.

1. Lime Meringue Pie

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Lemon meringue pie is a classic and the sole use for a lime is in a Mexican cocktail… right? Wrong! Think lime and think sweet, fresh, feisty and Le Bon Ton's offering of Daisy Dukes Lime – not lemon – Meringue Pie. This super sweet treat will leave you feeling zingy fresh. No bitterness here with the subtle sweet puff of toasted meringue covered lemon curd and biscuit crumb crust. This much-needed sugar rush is perfect to indulge in after one of their sumptuous savoury dishes and the mouth's reaction to the tanginess will swing your desire for more.

2. Lemon Meringue Tart

Forget lemon meringue pie, posh it up with a tart instead. This creamy lemon curd filling from Desserts Delivered comes in a butter shortbread base and is brimming with citrus flavour. Of course, no citrus tart would be complete without the sweet, soft white meringue on top and this one is made of Italian marshmallow! Feel like jumping up and down with happiness? We did too, but after that first bite you'll need to sit down and savour it. Slowly.

3. Coffee Caramel Ice Cream

As far as cold desserts go, a Caramel Milk Chocolate Ice cream with Kahlua sounds just swell. "But where's the citrus?" I hear you ask. The orange cinnamon crumble is something the citrus dessert gods must have dreamt up themselves! You'll love this artisanal frozen treat from Glacé in the searing heat but it's so good you'll crave it during the cooler months too. Because, when it comes to orange- and chocolate-infused anything, more is more.

4. Flourless Orange and Mascarpone Cake

This cake from Parisian Baker is masterful, in a word. But then again we'd expect nothing less from a premier Parisian baker. Flourless and gluten-free, fruity and tangy... Let's stop right there. It's a healthy cake, surely? All the more reason to indulge. Topped off with mascarpone and chantilly cream, let your tongue be the teller of sweet tales.

5. Lime Juice

It is what it is, no explanations needed – this is different, zingy and refreshing on another level. Thailander retains that homemade Thailand authenticity of the sub-tropics and this simple pleasure could be right from a Thailand stall. Liquid perfection and perfect to zing you up.

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