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  2. Melbourne's Best Beer And Pizza Options
Melbourne's Best Beer And Pizza Options

Melbourne's Best Beer And Pizza Options

Everyone knows how crazy fun sports day celebrations are. Friends and fans alike gathered together over beer and pizza to watch their favourite teams compete- there's just nothing like it! With that said, it's time to check out some of the best drinks to go with any delicious pizza of your choosing right here in Melbourne!

1. Party Packs - Cellarbrations Flinders St

Cellarbrations are experts on all things alcohol and they offer a huge variety of different drinks with everything from pre-mixed spirits, sparkling wines to cool beers and tasty mixers. Before your get-together or party begins, be sure to check out their party packs! With options of either large or medium sizes, these delightful boxes are packed with a great assortment of drinks perfect for any occasion. Several wines like El Nino Shiraz, a ripe and oaky tasting wine, as well as sports night favourites like Corona and Heineken beers make these packages the perfect gifts for you and your friends! They even throw in some Red Rock Deli Chips in sour cream and chilli or salt and vinegar flavours- you just can't miss this one!

2. Six-Pack Beers - Blackhearts and Sparrows

With another great selection of alcohol available at Blackhearts And Sparrows, loads of wines and spirits, including their very own Blackhearts and Sparrows Single Shot Dry Gin, and a great variety of beers are offered in six-packs suited for a weekend hangout over some delicious pizza and a game on TV. Dry and crisp lagers like the Shiki, the citrusy and fruity Sample Pale Ale and a thirst quenching, tangy Sailors Grave Beer are only a few of the delicious drinks on offer!

3. 5 Seeds Crisp Cider Stubbies - Bottle Butler

The signature 5 Seeds Crispy Cider Stubbies have quickly become one of Australia's favourite apple ciders with its delicious aroma and uplifting, refreshing taste when served cold. Ready in six-packs over at Bottle Butler, the savoury cider makes for a great companion to a pizza while kicking back for the weekend. Bottle Butler also offers a fantastic selection of white and red wine as well as Moscato, with every celebratory drink available in-store. If you're not in the mood for beer, go ahead and check out the 5 Seeds Cider for your next game-night event!

4. Bottle Spirits - Bottle House South Yarra

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If you're really looking to party with friends or family and ready to celebrate your favourite teams' victory, you've got to check out the tastiest drinks available at Bottle House! A large selection of spirits like Jim Bean Bourbon and Jose Cuervo Tequila are perfect drinks for a fun and exciting night with pizza and pals. Be sure to check out more of what Bottle House has to offer in their massive selection of drinks to go with your pizza dinner!

Grab a few pizzas and friends and order any of these terrific drinks while you get ready for your sports night in, only with Deliveroo's help!

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