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Let These Zesty Coleslaws Add Some Crunch To Your Munch

Cool, Crunchy Coleslaw Concoctions - Four Of The Best In Melbourne

Coleslaw likely came from the Dutch koolsla, which means cabbage salad, and Dutch immigration to New York in the early eighteenth century was on such a scale that the city was originally called New Amsterdam. Vitally, they brought their chilled cabbage salad recipe with them, which is often enjoyed with carrots, raisins, vinegar and mayonnaise, among other variations. Today you're unlikely to find a more refreshing staple at any barbecue gathering or cosy table setting.  

What sets the coleslaw apart from a mere salad, is an ability to keep its cool by retaining a crunch while being crowned with whatever condiments happen to come along. Hold your horses, no need to gallop across the seas – this is a dish that spans many continents and we have the grub that will fix your craving for this side dish right here in Melbourne.

1. Vegan Slaw

More and more people are discovering the delights of indulging in vegan food. It's no longer what can you eat as a vegan but how can you choose! Crisp Salad Bar offers fresh produce with a touch of homemade glory that will see you gorging without ever missing meat, such is the pleasure of their vegan slaw. This one, with its zesty Asian dressing and cilantro, has a distinctly crispy vibe going on. Carrot, mint, red cabbage, coriander, edamame, fried shallots and cos lettuce combine to form a flavourful, refreshing salad. Best of all, you can make it your way – just select the ingredients you'd like to personalise your slaw.

2. Turmeric Chicken Breast Crisp Slaw Salad

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Misschu's modern Vietnamese take on a traditional classic is hearty, filling and fun! This may be a salad, but it's a souped-up, Asian street food version with a casual, meal-on-the-go style. This tasty, low-carb version is also guilt-free and an absolute winner in the flavour profile stakes. Chances are you will be begging for more long before the first is even digested.

3. Crispy Fried Prawn Sliders

As if prawn sliders don't make for the ultimate choice in finger foods, this one comes complete with everything that takes a classic from good to great. We love the addition of kewpie mayo and pickled seaweed but it's the wasabi slaw that really caught our attention. We dig this Duke of Wellington creation and can only imagine the real duke must be crazy about it too – I mean, if this isn't fit for royalty, what is?

4. Gòi (Vietnamese Slaw)

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This Vietnamese Asian fusion take on slaw (with meat) from Mama's Buoi is definitely sure to please any mama's boy or anyone with an appetite for something homemade with a touch of love. The Vietnamese flavour profiles in this one are fresh and authentic, with just enough of a surprising twist to make you hanker after seconds. Don't say we didn't warn you!

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