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Decadent Desserts On Deliveroo

Cherry on top: 5 decadent desserts on Deliveroo

Life's too short to not eat dessert. Think about it – happiness is almost always chocolate covered. So whether you're looking for an afternoon ice-cream to enjoy in the sun, ordering in something gooey for after dinner or even fancy a sweet treat for breakfast, here are five places you should hit up first.

1. Gelato, Gelatissimo

Nothing beats the creamy and smooth taste of gelato. It's the ideal dinner party dessert, perfect for an afternoon treat, or a night in on the sofa. Simple and elegant, this staple Italian pudding is a huge crowd pleaser – especially how they do things at Gelatissimo. Go for the Bambini Pack and get a taste of hazelnut, vanilla, raspberry, mango, chocolate or mint. Opt for the take-home tub if you've got some pals coming over, and choose from 35 different flavours.

Where: Gelatissimo, various locations

2. Churros, Spanish Doughnuts

If you love deep-fried dough, then this Spanish classic should be your first choice. Churros are a dream at any time of day – long and thin, short and chunky, or even curled into a circle, these sugar-coated Spanish doughnuts are always best served fresh. But here, the hardest part is deciding how to have yours. Filled with Nutella, caramel or custard? Coated with toppings and sprinkles? Served up as a sundae? If you can't decide, go for the Churro Fondue for a little bit of everything.  

Where: Spanish Doughnuts, Melbourne

3. Japanese Cheesecake, Uncle Tetsu

If you're a New York cheesecake fan, get ready to have your world rocked. Because if you haven't tried it already, Japanese cheesecake is sure to blow your mind. It's got the heart of a classic cheesecake, but with a bit more bite – it's light and creamy, yet airy and soft like a soufflé. Incredible combination? We'd say so. They've got all your favourite flavours here at Uncle Testu, but if you're feeling a bit out there, opt for the Matcha version. This wonder is made with specially imported top-grade matcha from the same place that Uncle Testu is from, so you know it's the real deal.

Where: Uncle Tetsu, Sydney

4. Chocolate Fondue, St Louis

When in doubt, there's always fondue. And who doesn't love fondue? Great with friends or family and indulgent on your own, it's the simple yet sophisticated way to serve dessert. With a pot of creamy, gooey, decadent chocolate on offer and strawberries and banana or churros for dipping, fondue St Louis style hits you in the heart.

Where: St Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert, Adelaide

5. Egg Waffles, Tutto

From a foodie staple on the streets of Hong Kong to an international delight, egg waffles are where it's at. Made from an egg-rich batter and sweetened to a treat, they make the perfect decadent dessert – whether you're aiming to impress on date night or just need a treat at the end of the day. At Tutto, they come served three ways. If the original isn't exciting enough for you, opt for Japanese matcha with a red bean filling, or a Nutella, Oreo and fresh strawberry combination.

Where: Tutto, Melbourne

For a hearty helping of your favourite sweet treats, check out your options here on Deliveroo.

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