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  2. Just add aioli – four dishes where the Med sauce makes all the difference in the world
Give These 4 Meals with Flavoursome Aioli a Try

Just add aioli – four dishes where the Med sauce makes all the difference in the world

Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of healthy living, right? However, even with the greatest intentions it's not always easy to get in the daily nutritional requirements. So if you're feeling tired of being tired, a dietary change might just be the remedy. Time to bring on the big buds in flavour and healthy eating, also known as garlic cloves, in their most palatable rendering – aioli.

This Mediterranean garlic paste, traditionally made with olive oil, is often added to some of your favourite Mexican, Chinese and Italian dishes. Even burger joints have found this to be just the tasty ingredient to make their bread-bunned patties even yummier. If your taste buds are eager and you can't resist the allure of this food temptation any longer, then rest assured that these Sydney dishes are here to save the day.

1. Grilled Salmon Burger

If you're craving a juicy burger with the wondrous and appetising flavour of lime aioli, then Smashed Burger's Grilled Salmon Burger will surely satisfy your famished tum. The salmon lies on a bed of rocket, red onion and crunchy cucumber. Add some sweet potato fries and swim it all down with a nice cold bottle of aqua. One bite and you will be hooked to the revival power of this insta-grub.

2. Mexican Slaw

Now everyone knows that a Mexican Slaw is not a stand-alone dish, but its simplicity makes it a great addition to any plate of meat, rice or chips. The mixture of the slightly peppery and earthy tastes from the white and red cabbage makes for the ideal flavour balance. Steamed sweet corn, crunchy carrot and jalapeno bring this slaw back to its Central American roots and the southern-spiced aioli explosion creates a memorable food delight that has you craving more. Try it with various dishes on the menu at Pavel and Co but we especially recommend their pork box – a tasty rendition of grain fed pork belly that comes with this beautiful aioli slaw heaped on the side.

3. Calamari Fritti

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Everyone knows that Italians are famed the world over for their cuisine and their ability to live long and happy lives. Perhaps this can be attributed to what they eat? This list would be remiss if we did not mention at least one Mediterranean eatery. Assembly Restaurant is your local Italian that prides itself on having an authentic wood-burning oven all the way from Italy. This antipasto dish consists of crispy calamari on a bed of fresh peppery rocket with aioli dipping sauce and a lemon wedge. Even if fish isn't usually your game, the garlic aioli in this dish might make it too hard to resist.

4. Herb Crumbed Barramundi

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Food fusion is exciting, especially when the end result is a mouth-watering meal and that is what you'll get from the main course of Mr Tipply's menu. This crumbed Asian seabass is served with a bowl of refreshing Greek salad and dill aioli to make for a delicate balance of taste. You may want to ready your taste buds with their Polenta Chips as a starter, which – coincidentally –is also served with our favourite garlic dip.

Whether it's fish, burgers or even slow-cooked pork belly, the solution is simple. Whatever you're hankering for, order it up on Deliveroo.

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