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Top Melbourne Desserts - Ice Cream, Doughnuts And More

Sweet but not-so-innocent - Top desserts in Melbourne that'll blow you away

Adding the perfect dessert can turn any meal into something hugely memorable. Across Melbourne, there are many magnificently indulgent takeaway desserts that will put you into chocolate, ice cream or pancake heaven. Try out any of the following and you will find out just how good life can be with a great dessert in front of you.

1. Tiramisu Pancakes - The Pancake Parlour

There is no doubt that the Pancake Parlour is the perfect place to indulge in some pancake perfection in Melbourne. The vast range of options here for the sweet-toothed includes Jamaican Banana, Bavarian Apple and Chocolate Chip Pancakes. However, perhaps the most decadent and tempting of them all are the Tiramisu Pancakes. This dish is based on the classic Italian dessert and includes a couple of buttermilk pancakes, chocolate coffee and Kahlua sauce, espresso coffee mascarpone, Belgian chocolate chips and ice cream or cream. Who could resist such a wonderful combination of flavours to finish off any meal?

2. Belgian Chocolate Cupcakes - Little Cupcakes

Nobody in their right mind can resist the allure of a lovely cupcake, we all know that. At Little Cupcakes you will find all of the variety that you could hope for. Among the top choices here are the Red Velvet, Tiny Teddy and Cherry Ripe treats. A classic choice that you won't be disappointed by is the Belgian Chocolate Cupcake. This is a wonderful combination of moist chocolate cake and Belgian chocolate frosting. Of course, if you are ordering for a group of cupcake fans then you will probably want to get a pack in to share the joy around.

3. Veruca Salt - Doughnut Time

If you adore sinking your teeth into doughnut then there is a good chance that you already know all about Doughnut Time. This is where you will find delights such as Love at First Bite, Life on Mars and Slim Shady. Among their most popular doughnuts is the stunningly tasty Veruca Salt. This dessert is a salted caramel filled doughnut that is dusted with cinnamon sugar. It's the perfect sweet treat to cheer you up at any time of day.

4. Charcoal Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffles - Dex2Rose

The pleasure of a top quality ice cream can be found at Dex2Rose. The Nitrogen Gelato option is one of the very best desserts here, while there is also crepe cake and combos to pick from too. The hugely indulgent Charcoal Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffles might be what takes your breath away, though. It includes seasonal fruits and meringues for a truly memorable dessert. Whenever you feel as though you deserve something extra special then this is a tremendous choice to opt for.

5. Creamy Paletas - ChillBro Paletas

If you feel that you want to liven up your day with something completely different then what about trying a delicious dessert that has been inspired by traditional Mexican paletas? At ChillBro Paletas you can choose from a wonderful range of flavours. The Cream Paletas section of the menu gives you popular flavours such as Dulce de Leche, Cheesecake, Salted Caramel and Coffee Mocha.

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