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  2. Put Down That Burger: Melbourne has Great Thai Too
Put Down That Burger: Melbourne has Great Thai Too

Put Down That Burger: Melbourne has Great Thai Too

Melbourne's reputation as a foodie city doesn't stop at Thai food. There are loads of great places to eat Thai food, and if you're looking for a bite to eat in the comfort of your own home, Deliveroo have you covered. From the tried and tested traditional Thai restaurants to newer eateries shaking things up a little, we've taken a look at the finest Thai tucker available to us in Melbourne. This article comes with a warning, however - it may cause salivation.

1. Yim Yam

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Serious foodies will know that Panang Curry is a popular authentic dish served all over Thailand in street markets and restaurants alike. We're all guilty of it, but our hankering for a Thai Green or a Pad Thai often means that we miss out on other exciting dishes from the region. Yim Yam are here to fix this. Alongside crowd favourites, they have a special corner of the menu dedicated to authentic dishes straight from Thailand and Laos, so you can try something a little different. The Papaya Salad with Salted Crab is a unique dish which blends the sweetness of papaya and cherry tomatoes with the salted and softshell goodness of the crab.

2. Luxsmith

Based in Seddon, Luxsmith serve up all manner of Asian cuisine, from Korean to Vietnamese and South Indian cuisines, not to mention what we're here for: the Thai. Their Yellow Curry with eggplant, enoki mushroom and tofu is perfect for vegetarians, and many of their dishes are either served gluten-free or can be made to a gluten-free specification. Luxsmith is the perfect destination when you're out with friends, as their small plates and sharing options make for perfect conversation food. If you fancy something a little bit different, try the Vietnamese goat with sweet white potato. It might not be Thai, but it's definitely delicious.

3. BlueStone Thai

The appetizers at BlueStone Thai are a mixture of the everyday and something a little more unique. The extensive list will leave you ready for your main course, but not until you've tried the Squid Tentacle Karaage or the Cuttlefish Cake. Once you've smashed through your appetizers, the main show is equally as enticing, and lucky patrons are able to choose from well-known dishes and twists on Pad Thai, or try a BBQ fillet of pork neck marinated in a homemade sauce.

4. Thalia Thai

Thalia Thai serves up simple and fresh Thai cuisine. Their menu features well loved items such as Pad Basil Leaves and Chilli. They also serve Thai favourite, Jelly Noodles. Jelly Noodles are low-carb and gluten free, making them the perfect choice if you are conscious of what you're eating. They're also known for their cooling powers, making them a go to dish for the summer months.

5. Tom Phat

Tom Phat is a Brunswick institution that has been serving up steaming bowls of curry and crispy roti since before Brunswick became a trendy hipster eating spot bustling with big beards and tattoos. However, just because it is an institution, it doesn't mean that it doesn't feel fresh and exciting. If you're looking for something for lunch, the Tom Phat roti lunch wrap might power-charge your afternoon. You can choose from Crispy Chicken with Lime Alioli, Pulled Pork, Green Apple and Sriracha, and Marinated Tofu with Kecap Manis (Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce). Tom Phat ensures that you're getting a punch of Asian fusion flavour, and that's just for lunch!

What are you waiting for? All of these restaurants are available for delivery through Deliveroo, so slap on a film and order, or tuck into to a luscious lunch at your desk.

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