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Post Dinner Drinks For Melburnians Who Say No To Dessert

Dinner Party Alternatives For Melburnians Who Say No To Dessert

When you're hosting a dinner party, it's normal to check if anyone has any dietary requirements and make sure the food you choose to make will suit everyone. However, what about dessert? While you can always check whether people don't eat dairy or gluten, and choose something accordingly, what about the people who just don't want to have any dessert?

One way around this is to stock up the drinks cabinet so that you've got a number of different alcoholic drinks to offer those who don't want the delicious dessert you've decided to serve. Then, while you and the majority of your guests are tucking into a divine tiramisu, pavlova, or chocolate mousse, any dessert-refusers can have a drink instead.

And, if you're ordering in your puds, it's just as easy to add a few bottles to your order at the same time; to save you a separate run to the bottle shop.

1. Whisky

Whisky's always a great drink to have after dinner as it acts as a digestif; perfect to help the body begin the process of digesting whatever meal has been served, and bringing the evening to a warming, comforting close.

Depending on your budget, you might want to go for a Johnnie Walker Red, which can be mixed with water, a mixer or served on the rocks. Alternatively, if people are going to drink the whisky neat, go for a smoother blend like the Glenfiddich 12 years, which is better appreciated on its own. Both available at The Thirsty Camel, you can also get a range of pre-mixed drinks as well as other spirits, cider, and wine there.

2. Patron Café XO

As well as the spirits and liqueurs everyone will imagine you'd have in your drinks cabinet, why not get something a little different that people may not have tried before. Patron Café XO is an ideal drink to follow dinner as it's a blend of Patron Silver tequila and essence of coffee. It's a dry rather than sweet liqueur, with hints of chocolate and vanilla, so it fits well as a dessert alternative.

It's one of the many different spirits and liqueurs available at Bottle House St Kilda, along with the usual range of white and red wines, beers, ciders and soft drinks.

3. Belanov vodka

Vodka's a universally popular drink but have you tried grape-based vodka like the one produced here in Aus by Belanov yet? It's a pure wine-based clear drink made from 100% Premium Australian Grapes. Using traditional pressing, cold processing, and triple microfiltration, the drink is both gluten and preservative free. It's available from Cellarbrations on Flinders Street and comes in a range of different flavours, including Lime, Raspberry, Pineapple, Vodka-style and Triple Sec. Order in a couple of bottles and see what your guests make of it.

4. Havana Club 3-year-old rum

Whether you serve it straight or mixed into a Mojito or Daiquiri cocktail, the Havana Club 3-year-old rum from Shaw Davey Slum makes a great option for those who eschew dessert. It's made in Cuba and has hints of banana, vanilla, and pears along with smoked oak and chocolate flavours.

Unless it's going to be a really big night, buying a few bottles of liqueurs and spirits to have in for future entertaining is a good way to go – and means you'll always going to be able to cater to those people who say "no thanks" to dessert!

Whatever tipple you want to have ready to offer your guests, order it now at Deliveroo.

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