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Dish Of The Day: Banh Mi

Dish of the day: banh mi

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The banh mi is one sandwich that means business. By combining some of the best elements of Vietnamese and French cuisine, it goes well beyond the tastes and textures you'll find in your average sandwich. Make lunch a meal to remember with the banh mi you'll get over at Vietnamese Wrap and Rolls, Banh You and Roll'd.

A crisper crust

First things first, the bread. It's not just your standard rolls here, a banh mi always comes in a special kind of Vietnamese baguette. Unlike the French version, this one is made using rice flour as well as wheat flour, giving it a lighter and crisper crust.

Then it's onto the main event – the fillings. Traditional banh mi reflect the fragrant, refreshing and complex flavour medleys of classic Vietnamese cooking, so this means that you'll find yourself struggling to choose between suspects like roast pork, beef with lemongrass and crispy roast duck.  

Fantastic fusion

But you're probably wondering how these delicious Asian flavours ended up in a baguette in the first place. Banh mi is a culinary fusion that comes from Vietnam's intertwined history with France. When it was part of the French Empire in Indochina – around the late 19th century – many of the staples of French cuisine collided with Vietnamese favourites. So goodies like mayonnaise, jalapenos, and of course the baguette, were met with home turf foodstuffs like daikon, coriander and cucumber.

By the middle of the 20th century these sandwiches were a hit on Vietnam's street food scene, before spreading to America and into foodie history.

Closer to home

There are loads of great places you can get you hands on banh mi here in Australia. Just look at the Roast Pork and Crackling one you'll find at Roll'd. Succulent pork is met with indulgent, crispy crackling, fresh salad and a hit of zesty chilli for a unforgettable flavour combination.

Vietnamese Wrap & Rolls is the place for you if you like all of those traditional flavours. You'll find everything from Crispy Roast Duck, Roasted Pork Belly and Lemongrass Beef here. We love the Marinated Grilled Pork though for a real depth of flavour.

If that all sounds too meaty, check out the great vegetarian version you can find over at Banh You. Here you'll find tofu and avocado given the banh mi treatment, bundled up and met with slivers of fresh vegetables.

Revitalise your lunch today with some traditional banh mi, check out your options here on Deliveroo.

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