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Dish Of The Day: Calzone

Dish of the day: calzone 

Let's face it, calzones are nothing short of heavenly. Who'd have thought that folding a pizza in half would make such a difference to your eating experience? Well, the Italians did, and we're forever grateful.

Calzones continue to be a hot pick across Australia. From the soft and doughy calzones of Oasis Pizza and Pasta in Adelaide, to more traditional ricotta calzones at the Italian Street Kitchen in Sydney, the country has an abundance of pizzerias tailored to all tastes. Oh, and let's not forget Perth's Dough Pizza – where their eponymous creation is half pizza, half calzone.

Traditional calzones are just the beginning

Hailing from Naples, the calzone came about as a way for people to carry their pizza around with them, rather than having to indulge in a sit-down meal at the dinner table. Typically, calzones are like authentic Italian pizzas. The dough is smothered in an array of cheeses, cured meats and some fresh greens.

Nowadays, anything goes, and almost all include a tomato-based sauce. Dough Pizza offer a classic calzone, stuffed with ricotta and ventricina cured sausage and topped with tomato and basil. If you're feeling adventurous, mix it up by ordering at Oasis Pizza and Pasta. We recommend trying the Outback – a plethora of BBQ sauce, various meats, vegetables and even an egg. Some say it's an Australian specialty.

More than just your main meal

In today's pizza-crazed world, the possibilities are endless. Restaurants all over Australia are offering tailor-made calzones to their customers: any pizza toppings, any sauce. So, whether you're a meat maniac or vastly vegetarian, the choice is almost completely yours.

Oasis Pizza and Pasta is a perfect example. They'll cook up any number of their pizzas and fold it in half, just for you. A unique feature about this joint is that they'll serve your calzone with hearty bolognese sauce, giving it an added Italian experience. Meanwhile, Dough Pizza's titular Dough Pizza is half smoked ham and ricotta calzone, and half margherita pizza for a twist on the typical dish.

The icing on the calzone cake however, is the Italian Street Kitchen. They offer up dessert-style calzone, and they'll fill a traditional pizza dough with sweet and chocolatey Nutella and refreshing vanilla gelato. Delectably delicious you ask? You bet.

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