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Dish Of The Day: Mac and Cheese

Dish of the day: mac and cheese

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Mac and cheese. Two of the most beautiful words in the English language, right up there with 'cancelled plans'. Designed perfectly for sofa-side dining, just grab a fork and dig in. The Chicken Shop, The B.East and White Oaks Saloon are here to help, with some of the best mac and cheese you'll find in Australia.

Peak comfort food

Straight from the oven, with all that melty, oozing cheese caressing each tube of pasta, mac and cheese is truly the ultimate comfort food. Swap out your usual companion chips for a side of this bliss in a bowl, or go all out and order it as a main, we won't judge. And it hasn't been left out of the comfort food craze either, with more and more restaurants coming up with new ways to add this little bit of heaven to other dishes.

Old world, new world

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There are dueling origin stories for this classic, with it popping up in both 14th century Italy and England, and cropping up in the 1770 text The Experienced English Housekeeper by Elizabeth Raffald. Fast-forward nearly a century and you'll also find it in the Victorian classic Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management, this time with a topping breadcrumbs added to the earlier mix of bechamel, macaroni and parmesan.

From there, it's Thomas Jefferson that's credited for bringing it to America, he loved it so much he had it imported, and the rest is history. The love also runs strong in Canada, so much so that they even came up with boxed macaroni and cheese – an innovation that does away with oven baking. Quick to make and super delicious, it's a student favourite, and one of Canada's national dishes.

Next level mac and cheese

There's no need to stick to straight up mac and cheese. It plays very well with others, especially when it comes to American classics, like fried chicken, burgers, barbecue and Tex-Mex.

White Oaks swirls vegetarian chilli into their two-cheese offering, The B.East amps up their Holy Cheezus! Burger with a breaded mac and cheese croquette, or if you're vegetarian, lose the burger and simply go for their Mac'n'Cheese Bomb – the same breaded cauliflower mac and cheese croquette, ready for dipping into a hickory smoke aoili. But if you're heart's set on the classic, Chicken Shop has your Mac & Cheese, along with BBQ corn to make sure you're getting one of your five a day.

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