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Dish Of The Day: Steamed Mussels

Dish of the day: steamed mussels

With most Australian cities nestled right up against the ocean, seafood is in our blood. And we can't think of a better way to enjoy our nation's maritime bounty than with the simple joy of sweet, steamed mussels.

The key with mussels is not to overwhelm them – they're just so good already. Richmond Oysters in Melbourne, The Hive Restaurant and Café in Perth, and Gold Coast's Alpha Seafood all have their own takes on the best ingredients to make them shine.

Bistro seafood is always in fashion

Steamed mussel preparation has a basic blueprint – the cleaned and prepped mussels are tumbled into a deep pan where aromatic goodies like shallots, garlic, herbs like thyme or parsley and sometimes flecks of chilli have been softly frying, and finished off by steaming with deeply flavourful chicken broth, white wine, or both.

Mussels for everyone

There are over a dozen edible species of mussels across the world that can be boiled, stuffed and steamed. And this is why you'll find mussels whipped up in different ways the world over.

In Belgium, the Netherlands and France, you'll find mussels served with French fries or in a steaming broth packed full of fresh herbs. In Spain mussels are thrown into slow-cooking-rice along with other seafood and saffron to create punchy paellas. Indian cooks add some spice and fire to their mussels by stuffing them full of fragrant rice and chillies.

Closer to home though, most of Australia's mussels come from Boston Bay, the largest mussel-farming region in Australia. Its water is filled with of essential nutrients resulting in high quality mussels, delicate and oozing sweetness.

Kicky or calming

They keep the Mediterranean vibe over at Richmond Oyster's, where you'll find the star of the show steamed in white wine with tomato, garlic and onion, alongside generous slices of grilled artisanal bread.

The Hive Café and Restaurant likes to serve their Chilli Mussels with a bit of a kick. Steamed in white wine, the mussels are cooked with tomatoes, chilli, garlic and basil, served with crispy fingers of toasted bread, perfect for dipping into the spicy fragrant sauce.

But if you don't want any punchy chill interfering with your mussels feast, we love the full on luxury of Alpha Seafood's Black Live Mussels, served in a silky garlic, cream and white wine sauce.

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