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Heat up your daily routine with these sriracha dishes

4 Dishes in Australia featuring the world’s coolest hot sauce, sriracha 

As you read this, we can almost guarantee there is someone somewhere tucking into a tasty dish topped with sriracha sauce. Hot sauces have always been popular, but few have managed to work as well with so many different cuisines as sriracha sauce does. Named after the coastal Thai city of Si Racha and used in numerous Vietnamese and Korean dishes, sriracha is the ultimate Asian hot sauce. Yet, the sauce is by no means limited to noodles or rice dishes; it's being used all over Australia to improve all kinds of cuisine.

So, whether you're hankering for interesting twists on traditional dishes in Sydney or American food with an added spice in Melbourne, here are four seriously tasty sriracha dishes in Australia.

1. Juicy Lucy – Big Bang Burrito

At Juicy Lucy in Sydney, sriracha is a real hot topic. In fact, it is so popular that it now appears on half of the restaurant's burgers and wraps, as well as their Big Bang Burrito. This seriously spicy burrito features seasoned rice, fried chicken, Juicy Lucy's slaw and green sriracha sauce all wrapped up nicely in a fluffy tortilla. Sure, sriracha may originate in Asia but there's no reason it can't make Mexican food even better!

2. Burger Bliss – The BFC

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Sriracha sauce is just as popular at trendy American-inspired restaurant Burger Bliss in Melbourne, where our favourite Thai hot sauce is spicing up all their well-loved burgers. In fact, it's almost as popular as the boozy burgers that are beginning to appear all over Melbourne. For vegetarians looking to try sriracha, there's the Vego with black bean, quinoa, cheese, house slaw and onion. However, for anyone looking for a massive meal, we have to recommend The BFC, which features fried chicken, cheese, pickles, salad and sriracha mayonnaise.

3. Huxtaburger Footscray – Justin Chicken Burger

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Also situated in Melbourne, Huxtaburger Footscray is working hard to keep up with the sriracha trend as well. Clearly, the hot sauce goes well with burgers, as plenty of this restaurant's patties are blathered in this tasty sauce. This includes the Justin Chicken Burger, a soft bun packed with free-range chicken, hawt chilli sauce, house slaw and sriracha mayonnaise. This burger isn't for the faint of heart, so make sure you're ready to take the heat.

4. Wok On Inn Noodle Bar – Chili Squid with Sriracha Mayonnaise

If you're looking for something entirely different, a true oriental snack or you've just never tried sriracha sauce before, then Thai street food restaurant Wok On Inn Noodle Bar has you covered. Considering the sauce is Asian, it only felt right to include the Japanese-inspired Chili Squid with Sriracha Mayonnaise, which contains seven-spice seasoned servings of squid. Grab some ice tea to accompany your snack and you'll have the trendiest lunch in Sydney.

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