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  2. Duck & Orange: A Match Made in Heaven?!
Duck & Orange: A Match Made in Heaven?!

Duck & Orange: A Match Made in Heaven?!

Duck and orange go together like ice cream in January, sunscreen at the beach, or headphones on the train. If you've yet to experience it for yourself, you're missing out.

Luckily, Australia has plenty of places where you can find out what this exquisite combination tastes like for yourself. You may well have just found your favourite cuisine! Here are just a few of the best restaurants where you can find this tasty treat.

1. Ducken Delicious Pancakes

Holy Duck!, Chippendale, Sydney

There are plenty of ways to serve duck, but since it's so underrated, a lot of people just don't know. Holy Duck! serves a multitude of different duck dishes, but our fave has to be their unique take on duck pancakes. Choose between roast or crispy duck inside two scrumptious pancakes, complete with cucumber, spring onion, and - you guessed it - orange, but in the form of orange hoisin sauce. This is Chinese food with a modern twist, and we're loving it!

2. Duck Borek

Maestro & Co, Sydney

This tapas fare may be slightly on the pricey side, but ordering is a decision you won't regret! Duck Borek at Maestro & Co sees layers of pastry combined with duck, orange blossom water, and cinnamon, served with an orange blossom sauce. It's totally different and yummy, and it's perfect for when you just need to treat yourself.

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3. Duck L'Orange

Viet L'Amour, Adelaide

There's really nothing classier or fancier than a slap up meal, and where better than at somewhere serving exclusive Vietnamese-French fusion cuisine? This dish by Viet L'Amour is essentially just your classic duck with orange, but you simply can't beat something traditional when it's really done right! This boneless crisp roast duck served on a bed of salad and orange and ginger glazed sauce really goes down a treat with a nice glass of wine, and it's a really great introduction to the dish without being overly fussy.

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3. Duck Salad

The Defiant Duck, Newstead, Brisbane

Brisbane shouldn't feel left out of the duck and orange craze; it's there for them, too. This duck salad at The Defiant Duck is dressed with an orange and chilli lime medley, but everyone's favourite ingredient, the avocado, also makes an appearance. This only goes to show how much potential the duck and orange combination has. There are so many creative ways to interpret and present it.

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