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Duck-alicious Dishes to Try From Peking Duck to Confit Burger

It doesn't have to just be Peking - tasty and different ways to eat duck

Duck has a strong flavour and some people think it's an acquired taste. But once you do get a taste for it, you'll want it again and again! It's tender, juicy, fatty, meaty, and very more-ish. Often, one of the best bits of a duck dish is the crispy and salty skin. As it's a heavily-flavoured meat, duck goes well with other strong flavours and lends itself to many different types of cooking, from Chinese to Indian to French. Here we explore a few of the best ways (in our opinion) to eat duck.

The classic - Peking Duck

It's highly likely that when we say duck you say Peking, and a portion of delicious roasted Peking duck is on the menu today. It's shredded, skin and all, for you to make up heavenly little pancakes with shredded spring onions, cucumber and a drizzle of hoisin sauce. The classic combo of duck and a jam-like sauce such as hoisin provides a perfect mix of sweet and savoury and the House Roasted Peking Duck from Peng You China Kitchen & Bar is a top way to experience it. Or, if you'd rather a duck dish for your main, there's also the Hong Kong Style Roast Duck, served in its crispy skin with sweet plum sauce.

Duck curry anyone?

Though you might not necessarily associate duck meat with curries, there are a number of restaurants with a fab duck entry on their menus. Thai is a cuisine that often employs this type of poultry and the Red Duck Curry on the Derby Thai specials menu is a fine example. The relatively strong flavour of roasted duck combines well with creamy coconut milk and red curry spices to create a decadently rich curry. Added to the mix are plenty of fresh veg that absorb the curry flavours too.

It's not just Thai though - Indian cuisine has also embraced duck and we strongly recommend you check out the The Curry Door's Royal Duck Curry. They cook their duck on the bone for ultimate tenderness and the mix of exotic spices encompasses it in a taste sensation.

Franco-American confit fusion 

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In traditional French cooking, duck is often served "confit", which means "preserved". The duck meat, often the leg, is cured with salt and then rendered slowly in its own fat. The resulting taste is mellow and rich, with a salty edge. Perfect meat for what the guys at Duck In Duck Out specialise in - confit duck burgers. Our pick is the Quack Daddy - confit duck topped with red onion jam, celeriac remoulade and harissa aioli. The red onion jam contrasts sublimely with the salty duck, making for a really satisfying gourmet burger.

Duck nestled on a bed of salad

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For a duck dish that's great as lunchtime indulgence or a lighter dinner option, try a duck salad bowl like the Duck Yeah from Holy Duck. Tasty morsels of roasted duck are mixed in with cherry toms, sweetcorn, cucumber, barley and lychees. The salad's topped with scallions and a chilli lychee plum sauce, the sweet and crowning glory to this healthy duck dish.

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