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  2. An Egg-stravaganza Of Toppers For Sydney’s Scrambled Egg Dishes
Five Egg-stravagant Toppers For Sydney’s Egg Dishes

An Egg-stravaganza Of Toppers For Sydney’s Scrambled Egg Dishes

Scrambled eggs are standard fare on most breakfast menus around the world and tend to be a popular choice for the first meal of the day. Somehow, the chefs in a restaurant get the consistency just right, rather than the amateur efforts most of us could achieve at home.

On their own, scrambled eggs can be a great way to start the day, but what about those days when you're looking for a little more excitement from your eggs? Sydney's breakfast eateries have become very creative about what to top a humble plate of scrambled eggs with to lift them into a fine dining experience.

Whether you're on a budget or you feel like being decadent at breakfast time, Sydney's cafes and restaurants stand ready to create your ideal scrambled eggs breakfast.

1. Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs are a breakfast classic but what could be better than the addition of the cream cheese and dill to make your morning truly one to remember! At Scrambled in Newtown, it may not surprise you to learn that scrambled eggs are one of their specialities. In fact, they have a whole range of signature scrambled egg dishes. Our top pick is the Velvet, where scrambled eggs have cream cheese and fresh dill folded through them, with a topping of smoked salmon.

2. Spanish Chorizo

When you want your scrambled eggs to see you through 'til mid-afternoon, try some Spanish Chorizo scrambled eggs which are topped with homemade chorizo, avocado and cherry tomatoes, and served with a side of Sonoma sourdough toast. The Spanish Chorizo scramblers are just one of many breakfast dishes available at Ouroboros Organic Wholefoods in Surry Hills but with its smoky flavour and creamy texture, it'll be hard to say no to this particular breakfast beauty.

3. The Nine

For anyone who thinks that scrambled eggs can be a little bland, they should order The Nine, the signature breakfast dish from Bondi Beach's The Nine. Not only are the scrambled eggs topped with Greek feta, hummus, broccolini, and kale but they're also given a little piquancy with some paprika and dukkah. Dukkah is a condiment used in Egyptian cuisine; it's a blend of herbs and spices, salt, and hazelnuts, and comes in the form of a kind of dry dip that can be scattered over a dish. Try it and you'll become a dukkah convert!

4. On their own or with tomato relish

At Two Good Eggs, the chefs clearly recognise that some people just want their eggs served as eggs. So, while you can order a smoked salmon and scrambled eggs dish, there's also the possibility of ordering simply Poached or Scrambled Eggs. Whichever way you have them cooked, they come with a side order of toast and a Spanish tomato breakfast relish, which you can decide to add in or not. Perhaps its simplicity explains why this is one of the most popular dishes on the Two Good Eggs' menu.

5. Brekkie Burger

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If you like your scrambled eggs with toppings then try eating them in a burger bun. At Thr1ve, the 'Brekkie Burger' gives you scrambled eggs topped with bacon and spinach, along with a dash of homemade barbecue sauce sandwiched in between a gluten free bun making for a truly extravagant, but appetising, start to the day,

Alternatively, if you're not into bread at breakfast time but still want something sustaining, try 'The Beast' breakfast bowl. The scrambled eggs are topped with spiced roasted sweet potato, bacon, and avocado. There is toast on the side; it's up to you whether you eat it!

Well, if you were lacking inspiration on how to have your eggs in the morning, you certainly won't be now. Next time you want your scrambled eggs brought to you in bed, order them in your favourite style via Deliveroo.

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