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4 Exciting Alternatives to Boring Old Beef Burgers in Sydney

4 exciting alternatives to boring old beef burgers!

There are times when we're obsessed with that late-night burger craving, but other times we've had our fill of the same old beef burgers we all know and love. It's time to venture into the variety of choices out there that put a fresh twist on typical burger patties! With that being said, we're here to guide you to some of the craziest and deliciously over-the-top burgers in Brisbane. With exciting fillings to deliver a new experience to those bored bellies, everything from sushi burgers to heavenly schnitzel options are bound to have you drooling!

1. Seafood Tempura Burger - MOS Burger

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Combining the best of traditional burgers with new and exciting methods and a touch of Japanese inspiration, MOS Burger offers up some fantastic alternatives to the classic beef burger. The Seafood Tempura burger is a prime example of what happens when the best of both worlds combine in a burst of flavour and creativity! A deep-fried seafood tempura patty is topped off with fried eggs and crunchy red onions, a fresh zucchini base and classic American mustard for that traditional touch. Teriyaki chicken sauce is drizzled over the patty before it's served in a delicately steamed quinoa rice bun, making for the perfect seafood burger!

2. The Sailor - St. Burger

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Dedicated to the art of handmade burgers to deliver dishes of the highest quality, St. Burger knows exactly how to serve a perfect, hand-crafted burger. The Sailor consists of two fried and crispy fish fillets secured between a soft brioche bun, making every bite crunchy, crispy yet soft and fulfilling. Every burger is served with their homemade house slaw and a lemony tartare dressing to add even more flavour. On the side, you'll enjoy a deliciously crunchy portion of chips to go along with every bite.

3. Crispy Vegan Schnitzel Burger - Hogs Breath

Adamant on setting themselves apart from the masses since the day they opened, Hogs Breath strives to serve some riveting burgers and dishes to every customer. Everything from their Barra burger to their Chicken Dijonnaise are guaranteed to help you find burger nirvana! The Crispy Vegan Schnitzel Burger is a world of healthy ingredients for vegetable-lovers with a sunflower and coriander schnitzel patty fried to a crisp perfection. They bathe each patty in veggie delights like guacamole, fresh lettuce, tomatoes and beetroot for a garden-esque taste. Heavenly beer-battered onion rings top it off with a tingly chili sauce from Byron Bay to give you the ultimate burst of flavour and nutrients!

4. Triple Fillet Ortopo Burger - Oporto

Oporto happily presents their legendary Bondi burger as well as many other drool-worthy bites. Unique sauces and flame-grilled chicken with authentic recipes have everyone ordering on the regular after their very first taste! The Triple Fillet Ortopo Burger is a must-try monstrosity of deliciousness: flame-grilled and juicy chicken fillets are topped with crispy bacon, cheese and fresh lettuce along with a sweet slice of pineapple to add a fruity hint of sugariness with every bite. To top it all off, this masterpiece is drizzled in their homemade creamy mayo sauce. This one is a must-try!

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