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  2. Revive Your Taste Buds with Perth’s Live and Kicking Katsu Sauce Dishes
4 Kicking Katsu Sauce Dishes In Perth

Revive Your Taste Buds with Perth’s Live and Kicking Katsu Sauce Dishes

It is quite possible that you've fallen into a food routine that makes eating more of a chore than a pleasure. If you're stuck in a food rut, perhaps it's time for a drastic gastronomical intervention. Diversifying what you eat and opening yourself to the cuisines of the world is the key to spicing up your chow regime. And Japanese food? Well, we did say spice! Open your heart, stomach and home to the vast array of restaurants serving Asian food in Perth and be amazed how many dishes are graced by the famous katsu curry sauce, transforming them into a pleasure to be devoured for your delight. Not sure where to begin? We believe these four choice eateries are a great place to start.

1. Eel Tempura

If you're at that stage where you know you need to try something a bit adventurous then look no further than the interestingly meaty taste of eel. Surprisingly light, yet satisfying as it gets. Poppo Korean and Japanese know how to banish those seafood cravings with their eel tempura. This dish comprises of lightly battered eels served with a "special sauce" – Poppo may be keeping their secrets on the ingredients here but the taste is yelling "delicious" from the rooftops! You've got a filling enough dish with this one, but you might just be ordering up seconds as it'll leave your taste buds craving more.

2. Katsu Chicken Sushi Roll

When it comes to sushi, one should only expect the best. This form of serving up food is varied, but the test is truly in the tasting. Sushi should be made from fresh, great-quality ingredients and Shimizu Cafe's sushi offerings exceed all customers' expectations. One delicious dish blends the Japanese tradition of a filling rolled up in seaweed and rice with their famous method of cooking tender chicken cutlets. This absolute slammer of a combo is sliced into multiple bite-sized pieces for you to fill your mouth with – and let's not forget it contains our favourite, katsu sauce. Full and satisfied, you'll remember this one next time a sushi hankering kicks in.

3. Fish Katsu Curry

If you're looking for a spicy heart-warming meal then there's no solution more classic than a good old curry. At Restaurant 1903 they serve a delicious Katsu Fish Curry consisting of delicately flaking fish, tangy onions, hearty potatoes and – you guessed it – that famous curry sauce. As great a meal for times when you're a little under the weather as it is for when you need a pep in your step or just fancy a treat, it'll bring a meal to life and fire to the soul.

4. Chicken Katsu Bento

Our love for chicken and all its tender glory is unending and perhaps that's why, worldwide, we've come up with millions of ways to cook and serve it. The Hayashi Japanese Restaurant serves their chicken crumbed, lightly fried and doused liberally in katsu sauce. Add to that their fluffy steamed rice, a wholesome miso soup and fruit salads and it's hard to resist sampling this treat.

Time to put your feet up and let the world flow by as you dig into your favourite Japanese delights all brought to you by Deliveroo.

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