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The Story Behind The Dish: Fish And Chips

The story behind the dish: fish and chips 

Few duos are as famous – or as tasty— as the British classic fish and chips. Crispy, golden and served piping hot on crisp evenings, nothing beats this comforting classic. J P McCaffrey Traditional Fish and Chips in Sydney brings this warming British dish to our sunny shores, but where did it all start? We take a look at just how this dish got its global following.

Fish, chips and Churchill

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Battered fish was first paired with chips in the 1800s. Starting out in just a few small eateries, fish and chips became so popular that new restaurants popped up serving them exclusively – and 'chippies', as the Brits know them today, were born.

Fish and chips had become a staple by the start of the 20th century – and there were over 35,000 chippies in Britain serving it up. Famously served in paper wrappings,  Brits loved fish and chips so much that Winston Churchill called them 'the good companions' and even went as far as ensuring the dish was not subject to rationing – what an  honour.

Fried till golden

The best fish and chip recipe is hotly debated on British and Irish shores. Beef dripping or vegetable oil? Beer or milk batter? Salt or vinegar? Or both?

Whatever the final choice, the method remains the same. Chunky potatoes are fried in hot oil or lard until golden, crisp and fluffy inside. Meanwhile, fish – often cod – is dipped in batter before being deep fried until the outside has bubbled up to a delicious crust.

The dish is usually then generously  seasoned with salt and vinegar and accompanied by any number of classic British sauces. Gravy, ketchup, curry sauce or mushy peas all go down a storm.

Britain's best in Australia

Luckily, you don't have to travel halfway across the world to get a taste of this British classic. Serving up a mixture of the traditional cod and chips amongst a whole host of variations, J P McCaffrey Traditional Fish and Chips is a cozy joint that boasts a massive menu and stunning scenery to boot – just a stone's throw from Coogee Beach.

Not only have J P McCaffrey perfected the traditional, but their menu provides a perfect taste of the beach. Freshly grilled salmon, lemony scampi pieces, or barramundi with salad all provide something a little lighter than the usual deep-fried fish.

But our best tip? Take a leaf out of the Brit's book and enjoy this one out in the salty sea air. Sun, sand and freshly cooked fish… what could be better?

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