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The Best Brunch in Melbourne

Best brunch in Melbourne: 5 of our favourites

Brunch, brunch, brunch! Better than breakfast, nicer than lunch, it's a feel-good feast that you better believe gets our heart rate going. So where can you find the most banging brunch in Melbourne? Here's five of our top picks:

Schmucks Bagels

There's no better way to ease into the morning than with a proper bagel and a steaming hot cup of Java. Aren't you lucky that Schmucks Bagels exists? Say yes. There's a massive range of pre-prepared bagels on offer, including the Avo Our Way – a glorious mix of smashed avocado, pickled red onion, capers, lemon and herbs. For something a bit more out there, the Nutty Monkey bagel is the one to go for. It's a blueberry bagel stuffed with banana slices, almonds and Nutella. If you'd prefer, you can make your own bagel, while there's also a range of salads and breakfast bowls to choose from. Second brekkie just got way, way better.


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Life's better with brunch, no question about it. At Bluebag, it's all about feeling good. Getting you properly revved up for the day ahead, their healthy and naturally energy-boosting food is one step ahead, literally. Their salads are legendary amongst Melbourne's resident foodies. We're big fans of the salmon wasabi, a miso soy salmon loaded up with cos and mesclun, potatoes, shaved fennel, snow peas and cucumber, all of which comes draped in a gorgeous wasabi dressing. Talk about mid-morning magic!

Le Bon Ton Breakfast Burrito Company

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The only thing that can genuinely improve the humble burrito, as far as we're concerned, is when you stick the word 'breakfast' at the front of it. Thank goodness for Le Bon Ton Breakfast Burrito Company then, Melbourne's premier provider of brunch burritos. The classic American-style burrito is always a good bet. It's jam-packed to bursting with streaky bacon, cheddar, potatoes, green chili and scrambled eggs. That's heavenly, whichever way you look at it. Basically bottomless, Le Bon Ton really get what brunch is all about.  

Healthy Planet

More a mission statement than a name, Healthy Planet serve some of the most nutritious brunches in the city. Their 'Breakfast All Day Every Day' menu is the one to watch out for. The Eggs Your Way dish, served with grilled tomato, pan tossed mushrooms, roquette and Cannibal Creek sourdough toast, satisfies that pre-lunch appetite like nothing else, while the scrambled tofu is a perfect choice for veggies. Wash the whole thing down with a summery smoothie, because why not? We know it says all day, but just try to remember that that's not a command. You don't have to eat all day – but we understand why you might want to!

Tahini Lebanese

What's brunch without a bit of Middle Eastern magic? Tahini Lebanese serves falafel and tahini wraps to die for. Don't, obviously. But you could. Full up with tender chicken and aromatic spices, the shish tawouk totally hits the spot, while the homemade falafel wraps are addictively aromatic. Don't say we didn't warn you. You want haloumi fries and Lebanese rice as well? Go for it! Brunch really only exists because we say it does, so the possibilities are limitless!

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