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The Best Cakes in Sydney

Best Cakes in Sydney: 5 of our favourites

Cake. If ever there was a source of good in this world, it is cake. Who cannot find salvation between the layers of a Victoria Sponge? Discover unbridled cheer in the creamy center of a cheesecake? Marvel at the beauty of life through a mouthful of muffin? Cake, dear people of Sydney, cake is all that is great and good and kind in life, and that is why we, Deliveroo, want to make sure you can order a dose of joy when you need it most. Here are five cakes Sydney sweet-lovers need to experience:

Signature Japanese Cheesecake - Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake

We don't know precisely who Uncle Tetsu is or when Japan became a rival to New York when it came to churning out cheesecake, but we're very happy he arrived in Sydney. If you've not had a Japanese cheesecake before, let us run you through some of its most charming traits. Light, fluffy, bouncy, creamy, jiggly – yes, jiggly. Forget everything you know about cheesecake, and re-educate yourself with Uncle Tetsu's Signature Cheesecake. Or opt for the chocolate, matcha or honey versions – so long as you see the light, we don't mind what flavor your enlightenment takes.

Dr. Evil's Magic Mushroom - Gelato Messina

Well, we were going to write about Gelato Messina's most popular gelato cake, the Hazelnut Zucotto, but then we remembered that Dr. Evil's Magic Mushroom is a legit cake option here and we couldn't help ourselves. So, if you want the coolest sounding ice-cream cake on the planet you can look forward to a dark chocolate gelato filling, peanut cookies and dulce de leche, popping candy, white chocolate and crushed biscuit, flourless chocolate sponge, red ganache and white chocolate buttons. Stop drooling, you're making a mess. But if you were going to be a bit tamer and go for the Hazelnut Zucotto then you're still sure to be satisfied with a cake made to an age-old Sicilian recipe. With a hazelnut and gianduia gelato center, frangelico soaked hazelnut sponge and hazelnut cream and complete with gianduia mirror glaze, whatever name it goes by, gelato cake is never wrong.

Liam Hemsworth - Doughnut Time

Because when is it not Doughnut Time? This heavenly treat gets a special mention amongst all the delectable doughnuts on offer because a) it's named after one of the most beautiful Australians to have ever lived, and b) it's vegan! And there is nothing we like more than an inclusive doughnut. (If only Liam's relationship was similar). Well, at least we can eat away our heartache with the Liam Hemsworth doughnut, featuring red velvet dough, a vegan cookies and cream frosting, crushed choc ripple biscuits and a vegan chocolate glaze drizzle. We'll learn to love again.

Twelve of the Best - Black Velvet

You may have noticed so far that these cakey havens make it horribly difficult to pick just one (or two, or five) things to indulge in. Black Velvet removes that pain from your life, making sure you need never choose between 'incredibly delicious' and 'amazingly delectable' ever again. They'll just throw twelve doses of delicious, delectable, moreish loveliness into a box and get it sent straight to you. Plus, the element of surprise makes it all that much better, right? It's not like cake is ever going to be bad. Besides, we guarantee these are the classiest cupcakes you've ever eaten.

90s Kid – Dr. Doughnuts

Dr. Doughnuts have got the 90s vibes going on, so why shouldn't the kids of the best decade we've ever had when it comes to toys, music and terrible hairstyles be honored with a doughnut? The 90s Kid features that most staple of 90s foodstuffs, the rainbow nerds and a pink glaze which results in a colorful concoction almost sweet enough to bring us right back to those better, brighter, slightly more inexplicable times. If you're aiming for early noughties then try the Marshmallow Mathers, a caramel glaze with toasted marshmallows and milk chocolate ganache. We don't think anyone's going to be slim by the end of this.

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