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Vegan Restaurants in Sydney

Vegan restaurants in Sydney: 5 of the best

Looking for valiantly vegan eats in Sydney? Good for you. And you know what, Deliveroo's behind you every step of the way. Here's a few of our all-time faves, so next time the cravings kick in you know exactly where to turn:

Lord of the Fries

This ethical burger joint is on a mission to make fast food healthy. Serving tasty veggie patties, Lord of the Fries has the lock on burgers that do for your body what they do for your taste buds. The New Guru burger, featuring tomatoes, pickles, lettuce, onion, ketchup and Vietnamese mayo is a stand out. It's just as indulgent as a regular burger, just without all the nasty chemicals.

Don't miss out on their thick and crispy fries. Have them plain or dunk them in a deluxe sauce – African, Malaysian, Mexican, it's completely up to you. Honestly, it's so good you'll be spooning the leftovers straight down your mouth!

Kindness Cafe

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Offering meat-free Thai curries and stir fries, the food at Kindness Café challenges the (outdated) idea that if you eat vegan, you must sacrifice flavor. Not a chance! The green curry (gang keow wan) has an intense kick of flavor that's both powerful and moreish. Featuring bamboo shoots, broccolini, coconut milk, carrot, basil and beans, it's a great choice for anyone looking for vegan comfort food in the land of Oz.

Need something on the side? The spring rolls go down a treat. They're packed full of glass noodles, taro, cabbage and carrot, but it's the sun-dried mushrooms which really make them sing. Fried until they're golden brown, they're perfect to tuck into before you get started with the main event.

For an epically indulgent end to your meal, the banana roti with cinnamon sugar and maple syrup sure hits the spot.

Strings Premium Vietnamese Noodle Bar

Bright, healthy and utterly delicious, there's no end to vegan food's earthly delights. Luckily for us, Strings Premium Vietnamese Noodle Bar has all of that by the bucketful. The main event? It could be the six-hour vegan Vietnamese noodle soup, pho chay. Featuring star anise, fennel, cardamom, cinnamon and cloves, it's simmered in an onion, apple, ginger, carrot, apple and pear broth for six hours, packing a whole lot of flavor into a heroically healthy package.  

Oriental Healthy

Super authentic, super healthy, super tasty – that's Oriental Healthy in a nutshell. There's plenty of vegan dishes to wet your appetite. Start out with the vegan Thai massaman curry, a tasty mashup of fried-organic tofu, shitake mushrooms, broccoli, carrots, potatoes and vegan curry paste, served up with steamed organic quinoa, brown rice and a sprinkling of peanuts.

Oh, and for dessert? We need to talk about the coconut tapioca pudding. It's warm, creamy and aromatic, topped with shredded coconut and colorful lychee. Go get it. No seriously. Go get it now.

Reuben's Incredible

Okay, we hold our hands up. Reuben's Incredible isn't a vegan restaurant. The problem is, their Vegan Incredible sandwich is simply too good to leave off the list. It features eggplant, dried tomato, crushed tomato, basil, hummus and garlic, plus a tangy hit of red chili. You can't really go wrong with this mind-blowing vegan winner.  

Eating right on the Aussie east coast? See which vegan restaurants deliver to you with Deliveroo.

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