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The Best Malaysian Food in Australia

Malaysian food: 5 great dishes on Deliveroo

Blending influences from Chinese and Indian cuisine, Malaysian food offers a delightful melting pot of Asian flavours. From satay to roti, you'll find plenty of options on Deliveroo to test the waters. Here are five tried-and-true Malaysian dishes that will kick-start your new food obsession.  

Mee Goreng

A fried noodle dish with all the fixings, mee goreng is a Malaysian favourite that you'll want to put into your regular mealtime rotation. There's no standard recipe for mee goreng. Part of the beauty of the dish is that you can spice it up as hot (or not) as you like it. Some chefs contrast the soft noodles with crunchy lettuce and bean sprouts, while others add seafood and chunks of soft tomato. At Melbourne's Blue Chillies, the dish comes dressed with a bit of everything: Indian-inspired spices, chicken, potato, prawns and eggs.

Where: Blue Chillies, Melbourne

Roti Canai

You just can't have a Malaysian curry without the roti flatbread on the side. Roti canai is the most basic type of flatbread, flaky and rich enough to eat all on its own. The name means 'flying bread', referring to the preparation technique of flinging it up in the air like an old-timey pizza chef. After the dough is flung to perfection, the bread is grilled with plenty of oil to give it that moist, layered texture that's so incredibly moreish. Dunk it in a curry or have it hot with a cup of milky coffee for breakfast. Malaysian chain PappaRich makes it crunchy and golden-buttery, ideal for dipping.

Where: PappaRich, Sydney


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When it comes to meat and heat, do you say bring it on? Then you'll love the spicy flavours of rendang, one of Malaysia's most popular dishes. The readers of CNN International recently ranked rendang as the world's most delicious food, and it's not really a mystery why. Whether it's made with beef or chicken, the meat is slow cooked in spice and coconut milk until it's melt-in-your-mouth tender. Malaysian restaurant Chef Rasa Sayang offers a traditional take on the dish that's sure to turn you into a rendang convert.

Where: Chef Rasa Sayang, Sydney

Chicken Satay

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Satay's a staple of Malaysian hawker stalls. Juicy cuts of meat are marinated, skewered and grilled to their tasty conclusion. The meat's already seasoned to perfection, but satay is usually served with a dipping sauce for that little extra oomph. Ready to give it a try? The chefs at Jack's Satay Bar are real whizz kids with the skewers. Their chicken satay is marinated in a garlicky blend of spices before hitting the grill, and the accompanying peanut sauce is so good you'll be spooning the leftovers straight into your mouth.

Where: Jack's Satay Bar, Melbourne


Laksa is the ultimate Malaysian comfort food. This noodle soup features fine rice noodles or vermicelli swimming in a rich coconut or sour tamarind infused broth, with just the right balance of spice. There's really nothing better on a cold, rainy day or when you're feeling a bit under the weather. Uncle Jim's Malaysian Kitchen offers laksa in every variety. Opt for fragrant curry chicken or spicy beef rendang to cure what ails you, or order a light, fresh vegetable laksa to lift your spirits.

Where: Uncle Jim's, Sydney

Find Chinese takeaways with a Malaysian slant when you're in the mood for warming curries and spicy noodles. Order through Deliveroo and we'll bring the flavours of Malaysia straight to your kitchen.

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