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The Best Burgers in Sydney

Best burgers in Sydney: 5 incredible flavours

Burgers, glorious burgers. How do you take yours? American-style with a square of yellow cheese and plenty of ketchup, or Aussie-style with beetroot and BBQ sauce? From milk buns to strips of bacon, Sydney's burger joints are ready to give the people what they want. Here are five of the city's best burgers, overflowing with flavour-packed toppings.

1. The 'Ol Blue' from Chur Burger

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Chur Burger has quickly taken over the Sydney burger scene with their attention to detail. Wear an old T-shirt before you tackle one of these bad boys, dripping with deluxe condiments. They offer a variety of flavours to satisfy your burger craving, and the most basic burger is no slouch with its tomato relish and soft bun. But we have fallen in love with the 'Ol Blue', with its grilled beef, blue cheese, BBQ sauce, aged cheddar cheese sauce and onion rings. You'll need a few extra napkins for this one.

2. The 'Flagship' at The Hold

Manly's favourite pirate-themed bar, The Hold combines nautical décor with killer burgers. The burger menu can be prepared vegan, with plant-based patties and liquid smoke-flavoured coconut bacon strips. It's hard to top the original Flagship burger for a meaty taste, however. A solid 180g of high quality beef is dished up with house pickles, sharp cheddar, Spanish onions, lettuce, tomato and aioli with relish. Served with thick, beer-battered steak fries, it's a meal and a half.

3. The 'OG' at Pub Life Kitchen

 The burger fanatics at Pub Life Kitchen love to get experimental – you can expect a new flavour every Wednesday, in fact. One week it may involve foie gras, the next a liberal dash of chipotle and chorizo. But why mess with a good thing, in this case, the OG (Original Gangster)? This burger may seem basic at first glance, with its beef patty, American cheese, salad and McClure's pickles. But take one bite and you'll soon realise this is an expert-level burger, crafted by mad geniuses. You see, Pub Life Kitchen has their very own butcher. This means that all of their burger patties are salt-aged and ground in house, for unbeatable flavour.

4. The 'Breakfast Burger' from Mary's

Mary's isn't messing around, you guys. These fast-food burgers feature all the necessary building blocks to the perfect sandwich: soft buns, grass-fed beef and special sauce. If you've had a wild night, set things right by starting your morning with a breakfast burger. With a juicy pork patty, bacon, cheese, a hash brown and maple vinegar, this is a rock-and-roll breakfast sandwich if we've ever seen one. Throw a fried egg on there for good measure.  

5.  The 'Rowdy Double Jeopardy' from Guilty

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Sometimes you want grilled chicken and avocado on a whole wheat bun, or a quinoa and black bean burger wrapped in lettuce. Guilty is not the place to go for those times. No, it's the place to go when you want inventions like mac and cheese chips, topped with crushed pretzels. Or when you want an unapologetically unhealthy burger, loaded up with bacon, cheese and all the trimmings. Go for the Rowdy Double which offers not one, but two all-beef patties and a double helping of American cheese. Pickles, jalapenos and onions round out this beauty.

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