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  2. Melbourne’s best ice cream parlours will make you feel like a kid again!
Melbourne’s Best Ice Cream Parlours

Melbourne’s best ice cream parlours will make you feel like a kid again!

Had a bad day? Or perhaps you've had an amazing one and you just don't want it to stop? The beauty of ice cream is that it can perk you up when you're feeling down and maintain your spirits when you're feeling great – it's still very much the go-to dessert around the world.

So, if you're looking for a pick-me-up and you've got an undeniable sweet tooth, check out these five ice cream parlours in the heart of Melbourne that are guaranteed to give you those much-loved flavours of your childhood.

1. Chill Bro Paletas - Melbourne CBD

A unique take on ice cream can be found in the heart of Melbourne's CBD at Chill Bro Paletas. Inspired by the Mexican Paletas which use real, fresh ingredients to make ice cream in authentic Mexican moulds, these guys create classic-looking moulded ice cream lollies with contemporary flavours. From rich dulce de leche and tiramisu through to fruitier coconut (which is this year's superfood!), lemon and hibiscus flower flavoured Paletas, it's proving really popular with the locals!

2. 7 Apples Gelato - St Kilda

When you just fancy ordering in a whole litre of creamy gelato, 7 Apples Gelato in St Kilda has the key to your heart. It's almost impossible not to be tempted by one of their decadent chocolate gelatos, including the Ferrero Rocher flavour and the Dark Chocolate Sorbet that are both perfect to share with friends… or with a single spoon for one!

3. N2 Extreme Gelato - Collingwood

Residents of Collingwood are extremely fortunate to have the next two ice cream parlours delivering to their doorstep just a matter of minutes away. N2 Extreme Gelato really goes to town with their gelato and, more importantly, the toppings that complement it. Take the Vanilla Crème Brulee for instance, with the frozen vanilla custard combined with a bruleed sugar top for the ultimate crunch. N2 also offer syringes of sauces that you can drizzle on to your taste – perfect!

4. Gelato Messina - Collingwood

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The second of Collingwood's much-heralded ice cream parlours can be found at Gelato Messina, with their cabinets boasting up to 40 different freshly churned flavours, made using only the finest real produce. Each week, these guys switch up their menu by offering five "special" gelatos which keep things fresh and ensures people want to return regularly to try their latest concoctions!

5. Il Melograno - Northcote

Last but by no means least, Il Melograno is another highly popular ice cream parlour in the Northcote suburb of Melbourne. This Italian-style gelateria serves great-value ice cream in half and 1-litre tubs with up to three flavours allowed in the 1-litre tubs. These guys are very eco-chic in their operations and go out of their way to serve their delicious gelato in innovative ways that provide a feast for the eyes!

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