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  2. Hangover cures: Foods that help combat that post-festival low and make you feel human again
Hangover cures: Foods that help combat that post-festival low and make you feel human again

Hangover cures: Foods that help combat that post-festival low and make you feel human again

After dancing and singing the night away at a festival you will be ready for a good meal to help you forget your aching feet and sore head.

So we've gathered eight of the best post-festival dishes in Melbourne to help bring you back to the world of the living and get rid of that hangover for good, from brilliant pizza to hearty curries.   

Classic cheesesteak

Indulge in a steak that will help fire you up and restore your reserves at Sparrow's Philly Cheesesteaks. We like the Hot Pepper Steak which is served with jalapeno peppers, grilled onions and American cheese. Go classic with a side of cheese fries for crunchy goodness.  


Get a bit of that Mexican flavour to give you a kick start with a taco pack from Paco's Taco's in Melbourne. This classic Mexican dish is great for any palate as it is quite versatile. Find out more in our story behind the dish. We love the Carne Taco Pack with the deliciously slow cooked beef, spicy chipotle salsa, pico de gallo and cactus.  


Nothing can beat a pizza to satisfy the hunger pangs and to give you that classic cheese, sauce and bread combination that can tackle any hangover. Wondering what we've picked in this category? We adore the sourdough pizzas from Lazerpig Pizza Parlour, like the Italiano pizza with its delicious tomato sauce topped with salami, olives, fior di latte, and basil.  


Kebabs are not just the food for the end of a long night. They make a great meal at any time and will help banish those hangover blues. We like Biggie Smalls kebabs, with the West Coast kebab being our featured dish. This kebab is packed with roasted lamb, given a savoury and sweet note with the tasty roast onion gravy mayo, seasoned with rosemary and garlic, dressed with mustard pickled carrots and lettuce, and served with crunchy chips.  


A classic burger with all the trimmings has to help you feel yourself again, although maybe with a stomach fit to burst. We enjoy the burgers from The B. East, these burgers will have you straining to get your mouth around them. Try the Sexy Beast burger which is double of everything – beef, jack cheddar, and bacon, served with cos lettuce, tomato, ketchup, smoky BBQ sauce and onion debris.  

Oriental wings

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To get your taste buds going why not have some oriental wings? We sampled Kong BBQ and would definitely recommend the Korean Fried Wings from this establishment. These sticky chicken wings are cooked in honey, garlic, and sesame to create a sweet and tasty meal. Just what you need to kick your hangover in the bum.  


If you want to blast away those festival blues, then why not tantalise your taste buds with a hot and spicy curry. Our go-to curry for such occasions is a Vindaloo, such as the Goan Vindaloo from Curry Leaf Cafe, this hot and sour curry is great with lamb. Of course, this restaurant also caters to less daring palates, offering curries that are mild and not spicy at all too.  

Fish and chips

Still not managed to find that dish to satisfy that hangover? Then maybe our final choice of fish and chips will definitely hit the spot. This classic dish combines the grease that your body is probably craving with carbs that it needs to recover. We enjoy Tank Fish & Chippery battered Flake with seasoned chips.

Don't know about you, but when we've got a hangover, we can't be bothered to cook. Thanks to Deliveroo, the choice of meals you can get delivered is wider than ever.

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