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  2. Braised, crispy or spicy – pork belly is capturing hearts and tums alike in Aus
4 Asian pork belly dishes that are a cut above the rest

Braised, crispy or spicy – pork belly is capturing hearts and tums alike in Aus

While many 2018 food trends focus on vegan and vegetarian cuisine such as acai and poke bowls, there are some that meat-lovers can enjoy. Take for instance the pork belly trend, which has been popular in Asian cuisine for many, many years. At many Chinese restaurants, from Perth to Gold Coast, pork belly is a staple that appears in noodle dishes and curries, while Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese restaurants throughout Australia are cooking up new contemporary pork belly dishes every day. Of course, pork belly isn't the only Asian staple that has thrived in Australia – there are some truly cracking egg dishes out there – but for meat-lovers pork belly can't be beaten. Here are just some Asian pork belly dishes that are a cut above the rest.

1. Roasted

Scattered throughout Sydney, Roll'd is a particularly popular Vietnamese eatery where old, traditional recipes have been modernised. At Roll'd, Vietnamese dishes have been revolutionised to take the form of sandwiches and salads, so you can grab a Banh Mi, Bao or Goi on the go. Unsurprisingly, many of these contemporary dishes include pork belly, which you can get in a baguette, steamed bun or, of course, a salad. Vietnamese pork belly is world-renowned for being exotic and this is certainly the case at Roll'd where salads are topped with refreshing nuoc mam dressing to give you that truly Viet taste.

2. Spicy

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Meanwhile in Melbourne, Thai restaurant Pok Pok offers pork belly recipes from curries and noodles to salads and snacks. Their Chiang Mai Pork Belly And Neck Curry, served with hot dried chilli, onion, Thai spices and Thai jasmine rice, is so incredibly popular that it often sells out. Don't worry though, as there's also Thai Crispy Roast Pork Belly and Special Pork Belly with rice available on the Pok Pok menu, as pork belly is just such a popular choice among patrons.

3. Braised

Now, we could never write about Asian pork belly dishes without mentioning at least one Chinese restaurant - it's a cuisine that often features our star pork cut. Based in Perth, Chinese restaurant Bambamboo has one of the vastest menus we've ever seen, covering almost every meal you can think of and including every Chinese dish under the sun. Of all the dishes on offer, one of the most popular is the Bao With Slow Cooked, Braised Pork that comes in a steamed bun. It's very similar to an American burger but with a Chinese twist and of course that succulent pork belly we all love.

4. Crispy

Finally, we return to Sydney where KhaoYum Thai Cuisine is just one of the many restaurants offering recipes straight from Thailand. With so much to choose from it can be difficult to pick a favourite, which is why there's a chef's recommendations section. Can you guess what features in most of the Chef's favourite dishes? That's right, pork belly. There's Mo Grob Pad Prink Khing, Moo Grob Nam Dang and our pick of the day Moo Grob Prink Thai. This last dish features crispy pork belly, marinated in basil, chilli, lime leaves and peppercorns in a delicious stir-fry that can't be beaten. Needless to say, pork belly is a favourite here.

There are plenty of pork belly dishes to try across Australia, so why not check the eateries near you on Deliveroo.

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