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  2. Grab A Slice From One of Sydney’s Best Pizzerias
Grab A Slice From One of Sydney’s Best Pizzerias

Grab A Slice From One of Sydney’s Best Pizzerias

You know when you've discovered the perfect pizza. The base is crisp on the bottom and yet the dough has just the right amount of chewiness to it. It's not too thick, nor too thin, and the combination of mozzarella and tomato sauce means that you get the flavour of both, without either of them dominating the toppings you've chosen.

A perfect pizza place tends to create a loyal following - once you've had really good pizza, you tend to want to repeat the experience. Here in Sydney, we're fortunate to have a great supply of authentic pizzerias that can cook up the tastiest pizzas - as good as those you'd get in Italy itself. We've chosen the restaurants that stand out from the crowd.

1. Criniti's

There's a huge amount of choice on Criniti's menu and that includes a whole heap of wood-fired pizzas and pizza crust dishes. While you might opt for a classic such as Margherita or Pepperoni N'Cheese or something a little different like the Pork Belly pizza which features pork belly and crackling, as well as pine nuts and pieces of pear.

However, our Criniti's top pick is their take on the ever-popular folded pizza, calzone. Fat Joe's Schiacciata is a flatbread that's wood-fired, then topped with anchovies, olives, salami, basil and other Italian herbs, mozzarella and chilli, then folded in half.

2. La Spiaggia

Pizza's a great option if you're vegetarian, thanks to the variety of toppings you can choose. However, if you prefer to have the thinking done for you, there are two great veggie options at La Spiaggia. The Alpina has a heady combination of gorgonzola and walnuts along with radicchio. The Ortolana, meanwhile, features a colourful array of eggplant, zucchini, rocket, capsicum and mushrooms.

Whichever pizza you choose at La Spiaggia, you can be assured that it will be in authentic Italian-style - cooked in their traditional wood-fired pizza oven.

3. Doughboy

Some pizza menus you can almost know what's on them without looking at them. At Doughboy, you'll find the pizzas you know and love on the Old School Classics section of the menu. However, if you're looking to expand your pizza topping horizons while still enjoying a true Italian pizza, check out the Doughboy specials.

The Lamborghini is a great example. It's topped with spicy Moroccan lamb, eggplant, ricotta and cherry tomatoes, drizzled with roasted garlic oil and parsley. Alternatively, try the Bosco - the forest pizza - with pan-fried mushrooms, tomato and ricotta, pesto, prosciutto and rocket.

4. Caffe Roma

Seafood on pizza is something of a debating point in most households. Some people can't stand the idea, while others love it. We're guessing we might have some seafood pizza fans reading this, so we've included Caffe Roma on our list of Sydney's best Italian pizzas.

There are three seafood pizza choices on the menu. The Marinara includes prawns, calamari, vongole and mussels, while the Tonno Cipolla combines tuna and onion on top of a tomato and mozzarella base. But our top pick is Salmone - with smoked salmon, leeks and capers.

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