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Let’s Get Straight to the Point About All These Waffle Winners

What’s Sweet Or Savoury And will See You Through From Breakfast Till Dinner? The Wonderful Waffle Of Course

Don't you just love waffles? They're delicious, they're versatile and they're absolutely perfect at any time of the day from the moment you get up till last thing at night. They've always been a staple of the classic American menu served up with maple syrup and bacon and now other cuisines are starting to take them to their hearts too. But we've waffled on enough already. Let's introduce four fantastic ways that you can enjoy them from dawn till well after dusk!

1. Nutella Waffle Sandwich - Cowch Dessert Bar

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Some mornings you really feel like you need a burst of energy to get you up and ready for the day. For times like these Cowch Dessert Bar has the answer. Don't be confused by the name, they do great breakfasts too and none are finer than this. When you see this joint has a full menu section dedicated to Nutella, we know you'll wonder how to choose how best to indulge in your fave chocolate topping. But hear us out: two Belgian waffles surround Nutella ice cream and are served with even more of the nutty spread, as well as crushed Oreo biscuits and fresh strawberries. Now if all these don't put a spring in your step, we really don't know what will!

2. Chicken Waffles - Chicken N Beer

To head down the lunchtime route, let's check in at Chicken N Beer. They call this one of their smaller plates but it certainly packs in some big flavours. It features their famous deep-fried chicken breast that's served with a potato waffle. Then comes the big decision about the dish. Do you go for their super savoury blue cheese sauce or head for the opposite end of the spectrum with maple syrup instead? It's certainly a dilemma to be reckoned with but we're sure that you'll make the right choice.

3. Waffle Fries - Thirsty Bird

The wonderful waffle takes many forms as Thirsty Bird are only too eager to show you. In this case they come in the shape of special fries that are a fantastic accompaniment to their burgers or southern fried chicken. We're not sure why exactly, but turning ordinary fries into waffle-shaped ones does wonders for their taste and crunchiness. It's always good to enjoy a little novelty in what we eat and these are a fantastic example.

4. Charcoal Chocolate Chip Belgian Waffles - Dex2rose

We promised you a sumptuous dessert to round off the day of waffle eating and here it is. It's an exquisitely sophisticated dish and at its heart are no ordinary waffles. Crisp on the outside, fluffy on the inside and laced with dark chocolate chips, they're served with fresh seasonal berries and with colourful meringues in all the colours of the rainbow. These look especially stunning against the black charcoal waffles and they taste even better too. It's a real Dex2rose classic.

How can you resist these amazing ways with waffles? Especially when Deliveroo can bring them right to you!

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